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The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has awarded its End of Studies and Research Grant prizes

December 29, 2006

The Jury appointed to put the corresponding proposals to the Board of Governors of the Fundación Fondo de Cultura de Sevilla, on the awarding of the End of Studies and Research Grant Prizes, has decided after careful scrutiny of the applications and results in accordance with the order established in the calling, to award the prizes to the following:

End of Studies

A.- Secondary-education Category

First Prize: Dª. Pilar Alcantarilla Romero
Second Prize: Ex Aequo D. Daniel García Leis
  Dª. Acela Julieta Márquez Soto

B.- Bachillerato Category

First Prize: Dª. Mª del Pilar Guillén Hinojosa
Second Prize: Dª. Mirari Uzuriaga Iraolagoitia

C.- First-grade vocational training

Not awarded. Lack of candidates

D.- Second-grade vocational training

First Prize: D. Bernardo Valdivia García
Second Prize: D. Gaizka San Emeterio Gómez

E.- University graduates with three-year degree

First Prize: Dª. Cristina García Rodríguez
Second Prize: Dª. María del Socorro Mederos

F.- University graduates with five-year degree

First Prize: D. Juan José Rebollo de la Bandera
Second Prize: D. Ramón Cano Fernández

Research Grant

Not awarded. Lack of candidates

Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo was the jury chair, and the full jury included Francisco García Novo, Juan Carlos Jiménez Lora, Luis de Medina y Fernández de Córdoba, Anabel Morillo León, Pedro Muñoz González, and Manuel Porras Sánchez.

Seville December of 2006

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