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Abengoa takes part in the Multilateral Carbon Credit Fund (MCCF) of EBI/BERD

December 21, 2006

On Monday 11th December, Abengoa confirmed its participation in the Multilateral Carbon Credit Fund (MCCF), by the signing of the adherence agreement. In this way, it becomes one of the six private companies at a European level that will benefit from the acquisition of carbon credits resulting from projects in Central European and Central Asian regions. This fund helps the economies of these countries in transition to adapt to the aims of gas discharges reduction of greenhouse effect, established by the Kyoto Protocole.

One of the strongest points of the MCCF is that the projects that originate the carbon credits are evaluated and financed by the European Bank of Investments (EBI) and/or the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), who follow severe standars of: feasibility, tenability, integrity and right managment.

With this operation, Abengoa rises as the only industrial and tecnological company at a European level to participate in this initiative created to make it easier, to different countries and companies, the observance of the aims marked by the Kyoto Protocole. This will mean an active contribution of Abengoa to the sustainable development of those countries that receive the investment by the transference of clean tecnologies.

This participation will join the decision already taken by the Spanish Carbon Fund, created by the Goverment of Spain and the World Bank Group. Abengoa is the fourth private investor on this fund with 4,5 MEUR, just following the three important electrical companies in Spain.

These initiatives minimize the risk of Abengoa due to possible fluctuations in the profitability of its investments, bound to discharges limitations as opposed to the price variations in the markets of carbon discharges.

The United Nations evaluate in 100 billions USD/year the potential future investments on projects of clean development. Nowadays the projects already approved wil generate benefits of 12 billions USD by the selling of discharge rights.

Abengoa is an industrial and tecnological company that quotes in the stock market, with a capitalization over 2623 million euros (18/12/06), and contributing with innovative solutions for the Sustainable Development, the Information Society and the Knowledeg and Cration of Infrastructures. Nowadays it operates in five great areas of activity: Solar, as European leader in this tecnology applied to the electric generation; Bioenergy, as the second world producer of Bioethanol; Environmental Services, as European leader in the market of industrial residues; Communication Tecnologies, as one of the most important performers at an international level, with operations in Europe, America, and Asia; and Industrial Construction and Engineering, as leader in Spain and Latinamerica.

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