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Result of the Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize 2006

December 5, 2006

Seville, December 5, 2006. – Today, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation announced that Garikoitz Cuevas Abeledo has been awarded the 24,000 euro prize as the winner of the 24th edition of the Focus-Abengoa Prize for his painting entitled Apósteles involuntarios (Unintentional apostles). In addition, the two 6,000 euro runner-up prizes have been awarded to Aurora Perea Macias (Seville, 1978) for the work entitled Secreto Privado (Private Secret) and to Kim Squaglia (California, USA, 1970) for the work entitled Scend.

The Panel of Judges, chaired by Annabel Morillo Leon, general manager of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, and formed by Juan Carrete Parrondo, Juan Fernandez Lacomba, Alfonso E. Perez Sanchez, Guillermo Perez Villalta and Manuel Sanchez Arcenegui, analyzed a total of three hundred and sixty four paintings that were entered. Of note this year was the large entry by foreign artists, a total of ninety-one

The record signed by the Panel of Judges states that – “Following arduous deliberation and having taken into account the balanced quality of the twenty-seven works finally selected from among the original entry of three hundred and sixty four, a unanimous decision was reached to award the First Prize to Garikoitz Cuevas Abeledo, for his work entitled Apósteles involuntarios (Unintentional apostles), for its expressive strength, contemporaneous classicism and absolutely modellic technical meticulousness. In addition, a decision has been taken to award the two Runner-up Prizes to the following works: Secreto Privado (Private Secret), by Aurora Perea Macias, for its singular spirituality and poetic subtleness, and to Scend, by Kim Squaglia, for her affected and existing delicate intensity work.”

The highly prestigious Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize has been running for more than twenty years now and is recognized as one of the leading art prizes in Europe and America. This international prize allows the Foundation to renew its commitment to contemporary art and the concerns and desires of its creators by contributing to generating an exchange of artistic experiences beyond our frontiers, while at the same time signifying public recognition for the artists and serving as an incentive in the professional challenge they face.

On December 27, the exhibition of the works selected this year for the Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize 2006 will be inaugurated in the Foundation’s headquarters, Hospital de los Venerables (Seville). The exhibition will comprise the twenty-seven works that were finally selected to compete for this year’s edition. The exhibition will be open to the public from December 28 to February 10, 2007. Furthermore, these three award-winning works will now become part of the Focus-Abengoa Collection of paintings and graphic works.

Created by Abengoa in 1982, the objective of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation is to put Abengoa’s social activity policy into practice. This it does in a non-profit making manner through activities of general interest focused on assistance, educational, cultural, scientific, and technological research and development activities. The Foundation has become a valuable tool in Abengoa’s culture. Not only is it capable of attending to the occupational and human development needs of its workforce, it is also capable of connecting with the new sensitivities of society as a whole by managing, in short, intangible assets the impact of which revert to and are disseminated in the business values and objectives themselves.

Information on the prizewinners

Garikoitz Cuevas Abeledo, Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cadiz), 1968, is a graduate in Fine Arts by the University of Seville, specialized in Painting. In 1992, he received a grant from the Ministry of Culture to study in the Spanish College in Paris and another Artistic Creation Grant from Madrid City Council for the Students’ Residence. Of note among his individual exhibitions are those of 2000 and 2002 in the Pilar Parra Gallery and 2004 in the Trama Gallery, both of which are located in Madrid and that of 2005 in the Isla Habitada Gallery of Cadiz. He has also participated in numerous collective exhibitions in museums such as that of Contemporary Art of Seville, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Ferdinand in Madrid, of the Espai D’ar Contemporani of Castellon, and in international Contemporary Art fairs such as that of Milan or Arco, where he is a habitual exhibitor since 1996. His work is on exhibition in the National Museum Queen Sophia Arts Center, the Municipal Museum of Madrid, the Museum of Navarra, the Posts and Telegraph Museum, in collections such as those of Unicaja, the Students’ Residence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish College in Paris, Royal Premier Hotels, Iberdrola-University of Extremadura, or in Foundations such as the Provincial of Culture of Cadiz or the Sorigue Foundation, in Lerida. Of note among the most recent prizes awarded to this artist are: the Cape of Gata-Nijar Natural Park International Contemporary Art Biennial Prize (2006), the 9th National Doñana and its surroundings Painting Prize (2005), and the FLC National Painting Prize (2005).

Aurora Perea Macias is a graduate in Fine Arts by the University of Seville where she did her doctorate thesis under the title El concepto de epifanía en el arte (The Epiphany concept in art). She is currently studying to graduate in Art History. She has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and has been awarded second prize in the Department of Public Works and Transport’s 2nd Young Art Competition (2006), Special Mention in the Nerva open air Competition, in Huelva (2005), and the Prize at the first international open air painting competition of Zalamea, in Huelva (2002). She was first finalist in the 10th University of Seville Plastic Arts competition, and selected finalist for the Ateneo of Seville, Arte Forum and the 50th autumn exhibition of the Royal Academy of Beautiful Arts of Santa Isabel from Hungary (2001).

Kim Squaglia is a graduate (BFA) in Painting and Drawing by the State University of Carolina, and a master (MFA) in Painting by the University of San Antonio, Texas. She has had individual exhibitions organized in Houston’s Finesilver Gallery, Aqueous JayJay, in Sacramento, California, Scend Limn Gallery in San Francisco (California), Scend Frumking Gallery, Santa Mónica (California) or Veloce, Finelsilver Gallery, San Antonio (Texas), among others. Her works have been included in many collective exhibitions in the United States as Five Painters Platform Gallery, Seattle; Nimbus, Conduir Gallery, Dallas; or Populance, Blaffer Gallery, Houston. Her prizes include the ArtPlace Travel Grant, Fellowship- Skowhegan School of Art; Exhibition Grant –College of Liberal and Fine Arts, UTSA; or Travel and Exhibition Grants – Intl. Study abroad to Berlin, UTSA. Among its most important collections are: Crocker Art Museum, (Sacramento); Nieman Marcus Collection; Microsoft Collection; Progressive Art Collection; United States Government – State Department Multiple Embassies; or the Texas Research Foundation Park.

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