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Asociación Española Primera de Socorros Mutuos (AEPSM)

November 13, 2006

With the presence of the President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Dr. T. Vázquez, the past 25 of September of 2006, day of the 153º Anniversary of the Institution, it was celebrated the inauguration of the works corresponding to the Center of Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine of the Asociación Española Primera de Socorros Mutuos.

The important event also had the presence of the Secretary's of Industry, Energy and Mining, Jorge Lepra; the Secretary of Tourism and Sport, Héctor Lescano; the Sub-secretary of Health, Miguel Fernández Galeano; the General Director of Health, Jorge Basso; the Mayor of Montevideo City, Ricardo Ehrlich; the President of the medical institution, José Cancels; its General Manager, Oscar Magurno and other Representatives of the Governing body of the Medical Institution, as well as Legislators and Diplomatic Authorities.

According to the authorities of the hospital center, this project establishes a politics of managed prevention toward the infantile population and adolescent of the Institution. This new center will have an area for the promotion of health through the detection and early correction of factors of risk, by means of the physical activity and the nutritional education. Also, it will give back, with Clinics and Gym of Sport Rehabilitation, to all those that practice physical-sport activities as recreation agents and health.

The complex includes a modern building of nine floors with curtain wall.
In a surface of more than 3.000 square meters it distributes two gyms for children, two gyms for adults and one of sport rehabilitation. All equipped with their respective wardrobes and bathrooms with skillful. Some other relevant features are the hydrotherapy pools, electrotherapy and diverse clinics.

The works demanded Teyma Uruguay a little more than six months and the total amount of the works was of 2.240.000 Euros.

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