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The Focus-Abengoa Foundation inaugurates, with a conference, the exhibition of its in-house funds entitled Focus-Abengoa Collection. Select works

October 3, 2006

Seville, October 3, 2006. This evening, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation inaugurated, in its Hospital de los Venerables headquarters, the exhibition of its in-house funds entitled Focus-Abengoa Collection. Select works, with a conference that was given by the professor of Art History, Jaime Brihuega, entitled Axis of art in the 20th century. Professor Brihuega specializes in Spanish historic vanguards and sociology and iconology of mass visual communication. Among other posts, he has occupied those of director of the Institute for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property; executive adviser of the Ministry of Culture, and director general of Fine Arts. He currently splits his time between teaching at the Complutense University of Madrid and working as an independent commissariat specialized in contemporary art.

The Focus-Abengoa Collection. Select works has been coordinated by Alfonso E. Perez, Focus-Abengoa’s artistic adviser and honorary curator of the Prado museum. The exhibition comprises almost forty paintings selected especially for the occasion from those that are currently part of the Focus-Abengoa collection of paintings and graphic work, and which is fruit of the activities developed by the Foundation such as its Annual Painting Prize, monographic exhibitions of works by outstanding current-day artists, several acquisitions made by the Foundation itself and donations it has received. The exhibition, which will be on view in the halls of the Hospital de los Venerables until December 10, contains works by artists such as: Antonio Lopez, Gustavo Torner, Fernando Botero, Carmen Laffon, Manuel Sanchez Arcenegui and Juan Suarez, among others.

These works of art represent a variety of very different styles, schools and circles, from rigorous objectivity, more or less tainted with lyricism, to maximum geometric abstraction, passing through dramatic or abstract expressionism. Of note, therefore, are some 19th century works that are testimony to Sevillian romanticism, works by hallowed artists from the last decades of the 20th century, and a group of artists from different origins united upon them having aspired to, and in some cases having won, the Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize, which has brought together and awarded prizes to artists from all over the world from countries as far apart as Germany and Japan The Foundation has also selected and purchased works by artists from Canada, Colombia, Brazil, France or Italy.

Audio-guides in several languages, a program of guided tours for students and different social groups, and closed-door tours, upon reservation in advance, and a complete catalog are available for the exhibition.

Created by Abengoa in 1982, the objective of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation is to put Abengoa’s social activity policy into practice. This it does in a non-profit making manner through activities of general interest focused on assistance, educational, cultural, scientific, and technological research and development activities. The Foundation has become a valuable tool in Abengoa’s culture. Not only is it capable of attending to the occupational and human development needs of its workforce, it is also capable of connecting with the new sensitivities of society as a whole by managing, in short, intangible assets the impact of which revert to and are disseminated in the business values and objectives themselves.

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