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Cooperation Agreement between General Motors Spain/ Saab and Abengoa Bioenergy

October 2, 2006

Madrid 2 October 2006.- General Motors Spain and Abengoa Bioenergy have entered into a cooperation agreement which goal is to define the set of actions and activities to be developed in order to allow the successful implementation of the development of flexible fuel vehicles (“FFV”) in Spain, manufactured and marketed by GM/Saab, which uses E85 biofuel produced by Abengoa Bioenergy.

After the agreement thereof, both parties will pursue joint cooperation agreements with private companies, Municipalities, Autonomous Communities or organizations located in the main cities in Spain, thus participating of search and agreements with oil product distributors who have gas stations.

The E85, as a new use of bioethanol already represents a reality in Spain. As of today, the Saab 9-5 BioPower may be filled with bioethanol since Abengoa Bioenergy has installed a bioethanol fuel pump in the premises of Roauto distributor that markets Saab and Opel, trademarks from the General Motors holding. This facility is located in Madrid, but the necessary infrastructure in order to distribute bioethanol in all the main cities of Spain will be created soon.

In Spain, the Municipality of Madrid, the Basque Energy Body and the Environmental Counsel from the Government of Aragon and GM, Spain through Saab and Abengoa support this initiative.


Bioethanol is a fuel which energy is renewable, clean and ecological produced from agricultural crops such as corn and sugar cane, biomass and wood, and it represents significant environmental benefits. It also represents a strong alternative instead of the traditional fossil fuels that “Abengoa Bioenergía” (Abengoa Bioenergy) has been manufacturing and marketing in Europe since 1999.

Contrary to the gasoline, the consumption of bioethanol does not increase the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the atmosphere, thus it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect that is the main cause of the whole planet heating. This is due to the fact that the said emissions are compensated with the amount of CO2 that is absorbed by the atmosphere when the crops that are used for the production of ethanol are growing.

Saab 9-5 BioPower

General Motors has a great commitment with the environment and that’s why it manufactures ecological cars. The Saab 9-5.0t BioPower is the first environmental turbo vehicle that has the benefits of being ecological and those of sports performance, while it offers a very practical solution to our customers who have environmental awareness since it may run with any mix of gasoline or bioethanol.

Saab will bring to Spain some test units for the partners involved in the project and will start marketing this ecological vehicle, 9-5 BioPower, at the beginning of 2007.

Propelled by E85, the Saab 9-5.0t BioPower engine represents 180 CV and 280 Nm of the similar engine, in comparison with the 150 CV and the 240 Nm that represents when it runs with gasoline, a significant raise of 20% of maximum power and of 17% in the similar engine. It also offers sports performance. In the 9-5, the acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/ h may be achieved in 8.5 seconds while the recovery from 80 to 120 Km/ h in the fifth gear may be achieved in 12.6 seconds in comparison with the 9.8 and 14.9 seconds achieved when it runs with gasoline.

Abengoa Bioenergy is the first European manufacturer, fifth in the U.S.A, and the only world manufacturer of bioethanol with more than 1000 MI/y of total installed capacity. In Spain, Abengoa Bioenergy has three plants of bioethanol, with an installed capacity of 500 MI/y. Furthermore, it’s building a demonstration plant of 5 MI/y in order to develop a technology for the conversion of lignocelluloses biomass in bioethanol. (

Abengoa is a technological company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, environment and energy sectors. It is a listed company with treasury stock of 1.981,29 million euro (2/10/06) and is present in more than 70 countries, in which it operates with its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction. (

General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), the biggest manufacturer of automobiles in the world, has been the sale global leader in the industry for 75 years. Founded in 1908, GM currently hires around 327,000 around the world. It has manufacturing operations in 33 countries and its vehicles are marketed in 200 countries. In 2005, GM sold nine million one hundred seventy thousand cars and vans throughout the world, a 2% raise in comparison with the previous year and the second biggest figure of sales in its history. In Europe, GM markets the ranges of trademarks Opel, Vauxhall, Saab, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Corvette and Hummer in more than 30 markets. It has 11 production and assembly facilities in eight countries and hires around 64,500 people. GM runs one of the world financing leaders, GMAC Financial Services, that offers financing, mortgages and insurance for automobiles, homes and businesses. For more information, please visit: y

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