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First Work Training Program for Disabled People, organized by the Focus-Abengoa Foundation

October 31, 2006

Administrative Secretarial discipline program

Befesa acquires one of Europe's major industrial waste recyclers

October 27, 2006

For 330 million euro

Abengoa to construct new electricity lines and substations in Mexico

October 27, 2006

For more than 20 million euro

Befesa to enlarge Alcoy treatment plant so that the local industries can utilize the water in their processes

October 24, 2006

For more than 10 million euro

Telvent to provide its technology for Directorate General of Traffic to help improve road safety in Spain

October 23, 2006

For more than 11 million euro

Telvent to maintain the Environmental Quality Surveillance Network in Andalusia

October 20, 2006

For more than two million euro

Abengoa awarded the Emergency Plant contract for Barcelona Airport's New Area Terminal

October 17, 2006

For more than 21 million euro

Abengoa installs its Industrial and Logistics Center in Seville

October 16, 2006

With this project, more than 8 million euro is invested in the city of Seville

Telvent teams with the Computer Sciences Corporation on a $22 million contract with the State of Maryland

October 11, 2006

For traffic management in the state of Maryland

Befesa guarantees the supply for the municipalities of the Ecija Consortium

October 9, 2006

Contract for more than 23 million euro

Abengoa takes a stake in the Spanish Carbon Fund (FEC)

October 4, 2006

With 8,96%, it is the first private investor after the three large electrical groups in this combat against the Climatic Change, to promote projects of reduction of emissions in the framework of the Kyoto protocol

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation inaugurates, with a conference, the exhibition of its in-house funds entitled Focus-Abengoa Collection. Select works

October 3, 2006

This exposition will be opened from october 4 to december 10

Telvent renews outsourcing contract with Talisman Energy Inc.

October 3, 2006

The supply of technological infrastructures until December 2009

Cooperation Agreement between General Motors Spain/ Saab and Abengoa Bioenergy

October 2, 2006

General Motors Spain, through its trademark Saab and Abengoa Bioenergy enter into a cooperation agreement for the development of the flexible vehicle market ("FFV") and biofuel E85

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