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Rectification of the information published by El Mundo, Andalusia edition

June 30, 2006

Madrid, June 30, 2006

Regarding the information published by the Andalusian edition of the newspaper “El Mundo” on June 30, 2006, Telvent GIT. S.A., exercising its legal right of rectification, would like to clarify some of the content contained in the published information.

First, Telvent, a company partially owned by Abengoa, has not been consulted, nor has it been able to verify, nor has it released any communication in relation to the topic treated in the article.

Second, as can be verified on both Abengoa’s and Telvent’s websites, both of these companies have presence in Europe, the United States, Canada and China, among many other countries, and they develop their activities through participation, both national and international, in many tenders, of both public and private nature, on an individual basis or in conjunction with other companies. This activity includes, as it could not be otherwise, Seville (Abengoa's headquarters), other capitals and municipalities of Andalusia, of the rest of Spain and also, as it has been indicated, across the world. The number and volume of awarded contracts, often for recurring customers, carried out and submitted to the full satisfaction of the client demonstrates excellent management practices.

To relate the award of a small volume of the business (representing a 0,4 % of the total volume of sales 2005) with the fact that a family member of the President of the Junta de Andalucia is employed at Abengoa, is an absolute falsehood, a violation, and an example of the lack of veracity of the information published in your newspaper.

To cast doubt or suspicion on any company for employing a relative of the President would lead to an absurd situation in which companies would not be able to operate in Andalusia.

Third, Paula Chaves Iborra has been an employee of Gestion Integral de Recursos Humanos since July, 2004. This company coordinates the management of human resources for all Abengoa’s companies. Her responsibility as a Technician in Labour Relations, having a degree in Law with the speciality of Labour law, consists of the legal representation of parties involved in lawsuits and other acts related to the judicial and labour administration areas, for which she has been granted an ordinary power of attorney, also shared by other members of her Department.

We believe that your article, being biased and mixing different and partial information, may produce damage to the aforementioned person, as there is no relationship between her employee condition and the development of Abengoa's activity in Andalusia, where the company has had its headquarters from its conception in 1941.

We submit this for your knowledge and for its publication in the same terms in which the referenced information has been published.

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