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The Focus-Abengoa Foundation as the setting for the award ceremony of the UNESCO certificate to Seville, City of Music (20/06/2006)

June 20, 2006

Seville, 20th June 2006. - Today the UNESCO certificate award ceremony was held in the Hospital de los Venerables - headquarters of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation. The awardee was Seville, City of Music, and the ceremony was chaired by Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, the Mayor of Seville, Alexander Schischlik, delegate of the Culture Sector of UNESCO, Felipe and Javier Benjumea, presidents of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation and Anabel Morillo, the general manager.

In this way, UNESCO has integrated Seville as a City of Music into the Creative Cities Network within the framework of Global Alliance on Cultural Diversity. This alliance has united creative cities in the form of a network, so that they may interchange experiences, skills, professional capacity and technical expertise on a worldwide scale. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen local competences and promotes diversity in the offer of cultural products in national and international markets, creates employment and develops the economy and society.

During closure, José Enrique Ayarra, the organist tenured to Los Venerables and to the Cathedral of Seville, offered a concert that included the work Retablo de los Venerables (Altarpieces of Los Venerables), which in 1993 the Focus-Abengoa Foundation commissioned from the Sevillian composer Manuel Castillo, who died of late.

Since the installation in 1991 of an organ in this chapel, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation has become the main broadcasting centre of this instrument and its music in Seville - a key city in the history of the organ in Spain and abroad. After fifteen years of intense musical programming, this genre has taken its hold in the artistic and musical life of Seville with far-reaching effects on society. The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has become a valuable tool immersed into the very culture of the company. It is not only capable of attending to the professional and personal development of Abengoa employees, but also of connecting with the new sensitivities of society as a whole, through the management of intangible assets whose impact benefits and is spread by the values and goals of the company itself. Created in 1982 by Abengoa, the aim of this non-profit organisation is to put its social action policies into practice. Its objectives are of general interest and its actions are focused towards welfare efforts, education, culture, science, research and technical development.

The Foundation’s activities have steadily increased over the years, ever loyal to its main objective to promote culture in its various artistic and scientific forms. Proof of this can be seen in the various educational initiatives which during yet another year have been initiated by the Foundation, such as the Focus-Abengoa Internship programme, the agreements reached with various Spanish and foreign universities, the Javier Benjumea Chair of Economic and Business Ethics with the Pontificia de Comillas University, and the Javier Benjumea Prize with the University of Seville.

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