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The Focus-Abengoa Foundation holds its award ceremony for the Focus-Abengoa Prizes 2005

June 5, 2006

Seville, 5 June 2006.- The Focus-Abengoa Foundation held today at 19.30 its award ceremony for the Focus-Abengoa Prizes 2005 at the Hospital de los Venerables, its headquarters building. This year the prize giving was presided over by Felipe and Javier Benjumea presidents of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation and Anabel Morillo general manager.

This act has, with the course of the years, a special character that involves a great meaning for the Foundation and Abengoa, when constituting from 1982 an annual appointment in which the contact with the awarded ones renews the acquired commitment to impel and to promote a work of Social Action directed to the formation of the person.

The awards presented at the ceremony include prizes for the successful completion of studies, research grants, prizes for results achieved in professional upgrading training programmes and courses, the prize for the best doctoral thesis on a subject related to Seville and the Focus-Abengoa Prize for Painting 2005.

In the Focus-Abengoa Prize for Painting 2005, acclaimed as one of the leading European and Latin American awards in the art world, the first prize of 24,000 euro went to María José Gallardo Soler for his painting "NENE / He seguido el movimiento de tus labios". Special mentions, with a cash prize of 6,000 euro each, were awarded to Kepa Garraza Álvarez for "Estados alterados 14" and Klaus Ohnsmann for "Tiempo de Duda".

The prize for the best doctoral thesis on a subject related to Seville submitted in the academic year 2004-2005, consisting of 3,000 euro and publication of the winning thesis, was awarded to Mercedes Díaz Garrido for her work "Triana y la orilla derecha del Guadalquivir. Evolución de una forma urbana desde sus orígenes hasta mediados del siglo XX".

The Foundation awarded 193,000 euro in the form of 1,116 study grants for different levels of education distributed among 884 families in Spain and Latin America in prizes for the successful completion of studies, research grants and other prizes for professional upgrading training.

The prizes for the successful completion of studies went to María Monedero Cuenca and Mercedes González Rodríguez in the secondary-education category; to Fernando Laviana Martínez and Ángela Rey-Baltar Galíndez in the Bachillerato category; to Natalia Martín Zaballos in the category of intermediate-level vocational training; to Manuela Pacheco Moreno and Gema Zaldivar Escudero

Lastly, prizes for results achieved in professional upgrading training programmes and courses organised or promoted by Abengoa and its subsidiaries were awarded to Isidro Montoro Mantilla and Francisco José Rodríguez Aldea.

The international development achieved by Abengoa, following more than 60 years of business history, is linked to its commitment to ensuring economic and social progress while contributing to the preservation of the environment and upholding what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has become a valuable instrument inserted in the company’s culture. Not only is it capable of attending to the professional and human development of Abengoa’s employees, but it also connects with the new sensitive areas of society as a whole by managing, in short, intangible assets, the impact of which reverts and propagates in the assets themselves and business objectives. Established by Abengoa in 1982, its mission is to bring the company’s social activity policy into practice. This is done in a non-profit making way with objectives being of general interest, focused on assistance, educational, cultural, scientific, research and technological development work.

The Foundation has progressively expanded its activities in tireless pursuit of its foundational objective, the promotion of culture in its many artistic and scientific forms. Proof of its efforts in this area are the educational initiatives undertaken by the Foundation, such as the Focus-Abengoa Work Placement Programme, the agreements made with various Spanish and foreign universities, the Javier Benjumea Chair of Economic and Business Ethics with the Pontifical University of Comillas and the Javier Benjumea Research Award with the University of Seville.

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