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Abengoa will execute the electric interconnection system for the countries of Central America

May 24, 2006

Seville, May 24, 2006.- Instalaciones Inabensa, an Abeinsa company, which in turn is the holding company of Abengoa’s Industrial Engineering and Construction Business unit, has been awarded by Empresa Propietaria de la Red (EPR), the contract to execute the electric interconnection system for the Countries of Central America (Siepac) that will interconnect Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

The project, the value of which is more than 89 million euro, will connect more than 953 kilometers between the three countries with the objective of progressively establishing and consolidating a regional electricity market in Central America, with the creation of their regional bodies that will facilitate private sector participation in the development of electricity generation and the establishment of the infrastructure required for the electric interconnection, which will enable the exchanging of energy among the participants in said Central American regional electricity market.

The project is financed by Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), and promoted by Empresa Propietaria de la Red (EPR), whose shareholders are electricity companies from each of Central America country, which are responsible for national transmission: INDE, of Guatemala, CEL and ETESAL, of El Salvador, ENEE, of Honduras, ENTRESA, of Nicaragua, ICE and CNFL, of Costa Rica, ETESA, of Panama. The non-regional shareholders are Endesa, of Spain, and ISA, of Colombia.

According to Abeinsa’s Chairman, Alfonso Gonzalez Dominguez, “with this project, one of the most important at worldwide level in the electricity conveyance market, Abengoa consolidates its position in the electricity conveyance sector in Central America by adding Nicaragua and Panama to the Company’s strategic expansion plans in America”.

The project will comprise the civil works, access ways, compensations, installation and testing of materials and commissioning of the 230 kV single circuit transmission lines; the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure for transmission. The utilization of the excess fiber optic is currently being studied with a view to achieving a project with more potential, which even considers fiber interconnections with submarine cables that arrive at different points of the Central America region, which would be an enormous contribution to the Region’s telecommunications system.

Abengoa has been present in Latin America for more than thirty years now. It is a market that currently represents around 30 percent of its business volume, with more than 4,000 professionals currently employed and a strong presence in the energy, installations, telecommunications and marketing and industrial manufacturing sectors in countries such as Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Chile, and Bolivia.

Abengoa is a technological company that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructures, environment and energy sectors. It is a listed company with treasury stock of 1765,06 million euro (24/05/2006) and is present in more than seventy countries in which it operates with its five Business Units: Solar, Bioenergy, Environmental Services, Information Technologies, and Industrial Engineering and Construction. (

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