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Abengoa to modernize electric infrastructures on several Metro de Madrid lines

April 18, 2006

Seville, April 18, 2006. - Instalaciones Inabensa, an Abeinsa company, which in turn is the holding company of Abengoa’s Industrial Engineering and Construction Business Unit, has signed contracts, the overall value of which exceeds 21 million euro, with the Regional Government of Madrid, through the company Madrid Infraestructuras del Transporte (Mintra), to modernize the electric infrastructures of the existing and new lines of Metro de Madrid.

The Metro lines Abengoa will modernize are the new Metro-North Line, Metro-East or Pinar de Chamartín-Sanchinarro-Las Tablas Light Metro line that will provide a service for almost the entire population of Sanchinarro and Las Tablas, Colonia Virgen del Cortijo, and the housing development area of Isla de Chamartin.

Abengoa will install 750 V DC electric substations and the energy distribution system on the new Pinar de Chamartín-Sanchinarro-Las Tablas Light Metro line. The execution period will be 8 months and the works require the installation and commissioning of three 750 V DC substations for traction and the HV and LV energy distribution system. In addition, it will execute the communications system for the new Metro-North line. This is to be done within 9 months and includes the construction of the physical network (fiber optic and other cables), the multi-service IP network, radio-telephone system, train identification system, passenger information systems, and ancillary systems.

Abengoa will also install the ventilation system on the extension of Metro de Madrid’s Line 1 – the Vallecas Extension. The execution period will be 26 weeks and the works consist of the conditioning of the civil work, waterproofing, electric boards and electric installation for three extraction-ventilation wells in a tunnel and six inmission-ventilation wells in stations. For the Metro-East line, Abengoa will execute the energy distribution system which contemplates the distribution of energy by means of six transformation stations located at different points along the 5.2 kilometer line.

Finally, the 600 V DC distribution and energy distribution project for the Hortaleza coach sheds for Metro de Madrid’s lines 1 and 4 will be executed. This includes the electrification for the future line 1 coach sheds and the enlargement of the existing line 4 coach sheds. It also includes the electrification of the tunnel between both coach sheds. The installation of the energy distribution system for line 1 will also be executed.

According to Abeinsa's chairman, Mr. Alfonso Gonzalez, “these new contracts strengthen Inabensa’s very important position as regards integral installations for Mintra, while also consolidating Inabensa’s leadership in global and integral installations for the railway sector and, to be more precise, for metropolitan railway systems”.

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