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Abengoa Chile Reinforcement of the Los Almendros - El Salto Line, 1st Phase, for Chilectra

March 21, 2006

  • Customer: Chilectra
  • Work: Reinforcement of the Los Almendros - El Salto Line, 1st Phase

To attend to the growing demand for electricity in the western area of Santiago, the company Chilectra S.A. has decided to reinforce the 110 kV ring on the line known as Los Almendros – El Salto. For this purpose, it has entrusted Abengoa Chile, under Contract SOT SOC 2004-2008/6 “Works and Maintenance of the High Voltage Networks in the Metropolitan Region” signed by the parties, with the execution of the first phase, comprising the section between the Vitacura and Apoquindo substations which runs for 4.3 km along the Alonso de Cordoba Avenue and crosses two of Santiago most important thoroughfares: Vitacura and Las Condes. The works, valued at 1.5 million US dollars, consist of the replacement of the existing 315 mm2 double circuit conductor with another aluminum 1305 type AAC, 805 mm2 one conductor per phase double circuit, called Coreopsis, with which the installed capacity will increase by approximately 400 MVA per circuit. This will require the removal of the existing mesh-type towers and their replacement with tubular posts that contribute to improving the visual aspect of the environment.

The construction of the definitive line contemplates the following volume of work:

  • Removal of 23 mesh-type towers
  • Installation of 22 galvanized tubular posts and 1 mesh-type anchorage tower
  • The stringing of 28.5 km of 805 mm2 conductor cable
  • Replacement of the existing guard wire with OPGW cable

The complexity of the works and the line route, which crosses important roadways in the capital, has meant that there has had to be extremely detailed planning coordination with the authorities and a significant amount of resources, equipment and human, has been required to strengthen the demanded safety measures and minimize the impact of the works on citizen travel.

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