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Abeinsa receives the recognition of the Alas 2005 Prizes for Internationalization

January 23, 2006

Madrid, January 23, 2006. On January 19, 2006, Abeinsa, the holding company of Abengoa’s Industrial Engineering and Construction business unit, received, in the city of Granada, the Alas 2005 Prize for Internationalization. The prize is awarded by the Department of Tourism, Trade and Sport of the Regional Government of Andalusia and highlights the work of companies that have stood out for their exporting activity and implantation in international markets.

The prize was presented by the president of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Manuel Chaves, to the chairman of Abeinsa, Alfonso Gonzalez Dominguez. Chaves emphasized the efforts being made by the Andalusian companies that continue “to make waves and leave the old-fashioned passive attitude in their wake”. In addition, he encouraged the joining of public and private efforts so that the business activity of Andalusian companies, which increased 11 percent in the first ten months of 2005, may consolidate and advance their international projection.

This was the fifth edition of the prizes which are awarded in three modalities: Export Company, which recognizes a consolidated trajectory in sales abroad; New Exportation, for companies that successfully initiate their internationalization process; and International Implantation, focused on companies that culminate their activity in foreign markets through direct investment in other countries, or other forms of expansion.

Abeinsa has been awarded the Alas 2005 Prize for International Implantation which recognizes the effort made in consolidating its presence in Latin America, and the company’s important development in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Area, India and China.

Abeinsa’s chairman, Alfonso Gonzalez Dominguez, stated that “in an ever more competitive environment, our company has seen international implantation as a tool and pathway to growth and development in new markets, encouraged also by the drive towards foreign markets that is being given to Andalusia-based companies. With sales of approximately 1,000 million euro, we have managed to make more than 50 percent thereof abroad through over 90 subsidiaries and permanent offices established in 30 countries, by applying the best Spanish and Andalusian industrial engineering and construction processes on five continents”.

The prizewinners received a sculpture by the Huelva artist Victor Pulido, which symbolizes the solidity of the company, in the form of a bronze column crowned with wings that represent the expansion outside our markets. The obtaining of this recognition also allows the prizewinners and finalists to utilize the prize logo on all its products and publicity posters.

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