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Mahres Project:Renewable Hydrogen Map for Spain

November 18, 2005

The Advisory Board of the National Conference on Renewable Energy Sources: Key Elements for the 21st Century, CONEERR2005, organised by the Energy Management Agency of the region of Murcia (ARGEM), has awarded the lecture “Mahres Project: Renewable Hydrogen Map for Spain” given by Hynergreen Technologies, S.A., as the best initiative presented under the topic named “Environment and Communication”.

The Mahres Project aims for the consideration of future scenarios where there would be a certain demand of hydrogen, and also for posing different methods for the production, and transportation, of such hydrogen, by means of renewable energy sources.

For this approach, a number of issues are discussed: which are the most available and suitable renewable energy sources in Spain?, and which of those are more or less feasible?; how could we respond to a growing demand of hydrogen, at large scale, with the available resources?. These, among others, are the questions that this project intends to give an answer to by drawing a Renewable Hydrogen Map for Spain; this map would not only take into account the current situation, but also the foreseeable scenarios, as well as their potential implementation in due time.

In this study, a Multiple Criteria Goal Programming model is being developed for Spain by the Economy and Enterprise Department of the University Pablo de Olavide, on Seville, that allows you, for a given period of time, to plan the required investment on renewable energy sources, as well as the production and distribution of hydrogen between the different regions, as a function of the estimated demand. To achieve this, a number of economical efficiency criteria are observed, considering, at the same time, the energetic potential of each region for every sort of energy under study, the energetic demand for vehicles in such places, the different levels of pollution in each one of them, as well as the government preferences regarding the development of each energy source.

Hynergreen Technologies, S.A. (Hynergreen) is an Abengoa subsidiary that was established on March 17, 2003 with the objective of organizing and developing activities and projects related with the production of electricity utilizing fuel cells based on different technologies, and the production of hydrogen from renewable sources, and its clean and efficient use.

Hynergreen’s activities include the design, assembly, construction, operation and maintenance of fuel cell based installations, and their components, together with the production, storage and use of hydrogen as a fuel.

Hynergreen is participating on the fuel cell technical standardization subcommittee set up by AENOR’s electric energy production standardization committee. Hynergreen holds the chairmanship of the Spanish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (PTE-HPC), the Vice-chairmanship of the Spanish Fuel Cell Association (APPICE) and is the Engineering Spokesperson of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH).

It is on the Advisory Council of the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (Europe HFP), and is a fully-fledged member of the Andalusia Innovation and Technology Network, as a Technological Agent. Founded in 1941 in Seville, Abengoa is an industrial and technology company that provides solutions for sustainable development, the information and knowledge society and the creation of infrastructures. Operations in more than 70 countries. Innovation drive as a springboard for sustained growth.

In order to create value and growth through synergies and cross-selling, Abengoa is organised into four business units (Bioenergy, Enviromental Services, Information Technologies, Engineering & Industrial Construction) and Latin America, which is both a stable market as well as a corporate area.

Hynergreen belongs to the Abeinsa Energy Division, the mother company of the Abengoa Engineering and Industrial Construction Business Group, organises this line of business around five areas of activity: Energy, Installations, Telecommunications, Commercialization and Ancillary Manufacturing and Latin America, oriented towards the achievement of a common aim, that of obtaining client satisfaction by offering integrated solutions in the areas of Energy, Transport, Telecommunications, Industry, Services and the Environment.

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