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Telvent installs an interruptibility system for Iberdrola

July 27, 2005

Madrid, July 31, 2005 - Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT), the Global Real-Time IT Company, has signed a contract with the electricity company Iberdrola Distribución, for the installation of an interruptibility management system.

The system will be developed on Telvent’s OASyS DNA technological platform – a real-time information management system for data control and acquisition -, which, thanks to its open system conception, enables perfect adaptation to the complex functional definition established in the third additional provision of Royal Decree 1802/2003, of December 26, which establishes the price of electricity for 2004, and sets new interruptibility system modalities consisting of a more flexible application of the A and B types of said system.

For this reason, Telvent has designed the Distribution Company Interruption Monitoring System (SSI-DIS) which provides connectivity with the SCECI, proportioning precise information on the state of the interruptions and the degree of compliance, while also enabling exploitation of all the information the system operator makes available to the latter, in accordance with the communications procedures established to this effect and purpose.

According to Telvent’s chairman, Manuel Sanchez Ortega, “this new contract consolidates Telvent’s faith in Research and Development activities in relation to high-level applications to enhance the management of business processes of electricity companies. This new contract consolidates Telvent’s leadership in the electricity sector in Spain. In September 2004, Telvent commenced the execution, for Red Eléctrica, of the central interruptibility management system for the entire electricity system in Spain”.

In this context, the responsibility for the application, control and tracking of the interruptions falls on the system operator. Nonetheless, it is essential that the distribution companies have knowledge of vital tracking information recorded by the SCECI. From that moment on, Iberdrola, as the distribution company, will be ready to comply with the requirements of the new compensation system and will be able to obtain significant advantages by managing it opportunely.

Telvent’s relationship with Iberdrola goes back more than twenty years and is consolidated on a day-to-day basis thanks to the excellence of the systems provided by Telvent for the different business sectors of the electricity group, and to the good spirit of collaboration that has always existed between both company’s technical teams.

Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT), the Global Real-Time IT Company, specializes in high added-value solutions in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport, and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America, and China. (

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