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Abengoa Peru - New Contract with EDEGEL

July 11, 2005

The Endesa Group Company EDEGEL S.A.A., the largest electricity generation company in the country, has contracted Abengoa Peru to execute the project entitled “60 kV line relocation – 2nd stage”. The contract value is 3 million dollars.

The project consists of changing the route of three sections of 60 kV, double ternary, transmission lines (L601/602, L603/604 and L605/606), located close to Moyopampa Hydroelectric Power Plant, to the right bank of the river Rimac, in the district of Lurigancho (better known as Chosica); the works include design engineering, acquisition and construction of the new transmission line sections and dismantling of the existing sections.

Main features of the 60 kV Transmission Lines:

  • Voltage: 60 kV
  • No. of circuits: 2
  • Total length: 27.9 km
  • Active conductor: AAAC 304 mm2
  • Guard cable: Alumoweld 50 mm2
  • Structures: Galvanized steel metallic towers for double ternary
  • Insulation: Anti-mist porcelain suspension insulators,
    • 5 insulators per suspension chain
    • 5 insulators for anchoring chains
  • Grounding: Copperweld conductor No. 2 AWG, 5/8”x 8’ copperweld rod

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