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Telvent becomes a new alternative Internet connection point in Catalonia

July 4, 2005

Madrid, July 4, 2005 – Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, will now provide a new alternative Internet network neutral interconnection point in Catalonia, which will be added to the Supercomputing Center of Catalonia’s (CESCA) existing CATNIX (Neutral Internet Traffic Exchange Point of Catalonia), which enables the connection of different telecommunications operators and Internet Services Providers (ISP), and facilitates the exchange of information between users while enhancing security and quality of service.

The inauguration of the event was attended by Carles Solá, Councilor for Universities, Research and the Information Society of the Regional Government of Catalonia, and Isidoro Costillo, general manager of Telvent Housing, among others.

The new neutral point provided by Telvent combined with the CATNIX enhancements will offer higher quality and robustness of service to the Catalonian community. Up until now, the operators and ISPs that wanted to connect to CATNIX had to physically extend their network to reach CESCA’s facilities, where the Neutral Point is housed. Now that Telvent’s center in Barcelona has become an alternative CATNIX connection point, the operators and ISPs who are in relatively close proximity to Telvent’s facilities will benefit from connecting there. In addition, the operators and ISPs that are present at both connection points will be able to increase their overall network throughput.

The neutral points or interconnection networks at Telvent will provide fast access routes between the companies that are connected to the network and, at the same time, contribute to enhancing the Internet quality of service and the broadband available for customers and servers located in those companies. In this way, various problems related with the current routes, such as delays, congestion or loss of information, are either minimized or avoided altogether.

Telvent's Housing general manager, Isidoro Costillo, stated: "The extension of CATNIX in Telvent's services center in Barcelona, where over 40 telecommunications operators and ISPs are housed, will facilitate local interconnection among them, maintaining the Catalan Internet traffic in Catalonia. Telvent is extremely pleased with the opportunity it has been given by CESCA to participate in this event, which will lead to an enhancement of the quality and costs of Internet services, and contribute, in this way, to the development of the Information Society in Catalonia."

Telvent offers managed computerized and telecommunications systems operation services and secure equipment and computerized platform housing in data centers in buildings that are specially designed to meet the needs of companies, utilities, telecommunications operators and Internet services companies.

Telvent (NASDAQ-TLVT), the RealTime Global IT Company, specializes in high value-added solutions in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport, and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America and China. (

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