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Abengoa México awarded Contract PIF-017/2005 by the Federal Electricity Commission to construct a 115 kV Transmission Line and two Substations (115 and 13.8 kV), on the Yucatan Peninsula

June 22, 2005

Mexico, June 15, 2005. - Abengoa, through its subsidiary Abengoa México, S.A. de C.V., has been awarded contract PIF-017/2005 by the Federal Electricity Commission, the object of which is the execution of all the works that are necessary for the construction and installation of one (1) 2.96 km long 115 kV Transmission Line and two (2) Distribution Substations (115 and 13.8 kV), total capacity 30 MVA, 1.8 MVAr, and seven (7) feeders that will be located in Quintana Roo State, Mexican United States. The overall value of the works exceeds 3.5 million dollars and over the 14 month works execution period, an average of 70 jobs is expected to be created.

The project was awarded to Abengoa México, S.A. de C.V. under the International Call for Bids No. 18164093-002-05; the project will be executed under the modality “lump-sum price financed public works”, and the scope of the works includes all the materials, services and financing required for the execution thereof.

This contract consolidates Abengoa México’s position as a reliable provider of the CFE given that, over the last 12 months, it has successfully completed all the works it has been entrusted with by this body.

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