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Hynergreen has been awarded the "Mention of Honor" for Energy Research by the Seville City Council

April 26, 2005

Sevilla, April 26. Hynergreen Technologies, Abengoa’s hydrogen and fuel cell subsidiary, has been awarded the “Mention of Honor” for Energy Research for the advances it has made in research to obtain renewable hydrogen utilizing solar energy, for the Third Prize-giving Ceremony of the “City of Seville” Energy Prizes, awarded annually by the Local Energy Agency of Seville City Council.

The Third Prize-giving Ceremony, held in the Royal Alcazar of Seville, will be presided over by Alfredo Sánchez Monteseirín, Mayor of the city.

Since its incorporation, Hynergreen has had this as a clear objective and has worked with the main national and foreign research centers in the pursuit of alternative renewable hydrogen production sources, such as wind power or solar energy. It is in the latter, in which it has been working with the CIEMAT’s Almeria Solar Platform, where it has been putting in most effort trying to convert energy from the Sun into a hydrogen source that could be produced in Seville and Andalusia in a clean, secure and sustainable manner. The benefits from this production process, among others, would be enhancement of the local economy, or reduction of energy imports, plus a significant reduction in contamination and greenhouse-effect gas emissions.

According to Javier Brey, Hynergreen´s general manager, “this prize granted by the Seville City Council recognizes our effort for improving the energetic situation of Seville and its environment. Hydrogen is being spoken a lot of in recent times as a renewable fuel and, likewise, fuel cells are often mentioned as an efficient electric energy production system; however, for this to be true, it is important that the hydrogen be produced utilizing Environment-friendly, clean and sustainable, processes. This is the only way to ensure that this fuel becomes a true alternative to petroleum with a view to the future development of our planet”.

Hynergreen is an Abengoa Group company whose objective is the organization and operation of businesses and activities related to electric energy production utilizing different technology fuel cells, and the production of hydrogen from renewable sources and its clean and efficient use.It is for these efforts in hydrogen production from solar energy that the Local Energy Agency of Seville City Council has recognized Hynergreen, a company that, apart from being a member of the Management Board of the Spain Hydrogen Association (APPICE), is also a member of the Advisory Board of the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (HFP). Finally, Hynergreen is a Technological Agent of RAITEC, the Andalusia Innovation and Technology Network. It participates in this network as a Technological Base Company.

Abengoa, mother company of Abengoa Bioenergy, is an industrial and technological company listed in Madrid stock exchange, with a capitalization over 657 million Euro (31/12/2004), which gives solutions for Sustainable Development, Information and Knowledge Society, and the Creation of Infrastructures. Operating four business areas: Bioenergy, being the second producer worldwide; Environmental Services, as European leader in some industrial waste segments; Information Technologies, as one of main actors at international scale with operations in Europe, America and Asia; and Engineering and Industrial Construction, being the leader in Spain and South America.

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