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Telvent to maintain the railway, tramway and bus toll systems in the Basque Country

March 23, 2005

Madrid, March 22, 2005. - Telvent (NASDAQ TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, has signed a contract with the Basque company EuskoTrenbideak-Ferrocarriles Vascos, owned by the Basque Government’s Department of Transport and Public Works, to maintain the toll systems installed on the Basque Country’s railway, tramway and bus systems over the next four years. The contract value is in excess of four million euros.

The maintenance works to be carried out by Telvent will strengthen the preventive and predictive processes by anticipating incidents, and increasing system availability and reliability. The experience and technological know-how brought by Telvent’s R&D personnel in software and engineering is the perfect backup for providing solutions to re-occurring incidents.

The scope of this project involves Telvent undertaking the maintenance of the technical equipment for EuskoTren’s transport network. The Basque public enterprise has a total of 134 automatic ticket vending machines, and 46 conventional sales points. There are 381 toll systems installed in railway stations, with a total of 20 automatic vending machines. There are 50 access controls on the tramway system and 68 ticketing units positioned next to the drivers that must be maintained, as well as 38 subscriber validation machines. EuskoTren offers diverse services in the passenger transport sector such as suburban and regional railways, buses, the metropolitan tramway system, cable railway, steam train for tourist purposes and the transportation of goods.

According to Telvent’s Chairman, Manuel Sánchez Ortega, “this contract is, in addition to a temporary renewal, an expansion in the fields of activity originally undertaken by Telvent, now being awarded the maintenance of the toll systems installed for the Basque Country’s tramway and bus network. Euskotren’s satisfaction is reflected in its renewal of this contract for a further four years”.

Since year-end 2003, Telvent has been collaborating with the public enterprise EuskoTren in the management and maintenance of mobile material for train, tramway and bus, and in maintaining railway station ticketing systems. Future projects will have Telvent undertake the maintenance of the toll systems of the Basque Country’s high-speed train system, of Metro Bilbao’s third line, and new tramway systems Vitoria, as well as the neighboring districts of Deba and Universidad. In Spain, Telvent is responsible for maintaining the ticketing systems of the Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao railway stations, among others.

Telvent (NASDAQ-TLVT), the Global Real-Time IT Company, specializes in high added value solutions in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in Europe, America and China (

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