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Telvent to invest more than one million euro in its new headquarters in Beijing, China

March 17, 2005

Madrid, March 17, 2005 - Telvent (NASDAQ TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, has completed the acquisition of its new headquarters in the city of Beijing, in the south of Pekin, China, in which it will invest more than one million euro.

The signing ceremony for the acquisition of the new building was held in the Spanish Embassy of Pekin, in Chaoyang, and was attended by Jose Pedro Sebastián Erice, the Spanish ambassador in China; Felipe Benjumea, Chairman of Abengoa; Manuel Sanchez Ortega, Chairman of Telvent; as well as Dai Yue, Telvent's General Manager in China.

The new building, which has three floors, is located in the technological - managerial zone of the city, known as the Beijing Development Area (BDA), where a number of prominent international companies have branch offices, including Coca Cola, IBM and General Electric. Telvent's China operations center employs more than fifty persons and Telvent estimates, that in the next two years the number of professionals will increase to more than 80 professionals.

According to Manuel Sanchez Ortega, Chairman of Telvent, “the acquisition of this new headquarters in Pekin, demonstrates our commitment to our business development strategy in China, the importance of our relations with the citizens of this country, and the significance of the long-term success that we have developed with this country that has always treated us so well. Since first beginning operations in China 17 years, Telvent has become a significant contributor to the development and modernization of this country’s infrastructure. We are grateful to China for their continuing support, and that is why we have decided to increase our business relationship investment in this country ".

Telvent completed the year 2004 with a significant China-based contract portfolio surpassing 48 million euro. In the traffic sector, systems for the control of the highway network in the Beijing province are being implemented in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2008. Moreover, in 2005, Traffic Centralization system technology will be implemented for the town of Urumqui in the autonomous region of Xingjiang, as well as the town of Erdos, located in Mongolia. Telvent is also developing the communications and ticketing systems for the new Underground System lines of Tianjin as well as the Light Train communications system in that same city. Telvent has also recently been selected for implementing access control and electronic ticketing system technology for the new underground rail transportation system in the province of Beijing. In the energy sector, in 2004, one of Telvent’s most significant projects involved the installation of the Control Centre for the Zhongxian-Wuhan gas pipeline network.

Telvent (NASDAQ: TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, specializes in high value-added solutions in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport, and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America and China. (

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