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Telvent system software will enhance efficiency of Spanish pipeline network

March 15, 2005

Madrid, March 15, 2005 - Telvent (NASDAQ TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, has been awarded a contract by Compañía Logística de Hidrocarburos (CLH) to upgrade the real-time management of all dispatching of refined products on CLH’s oil pipeline network throughout Spain, for a sum of 1,595,000 euros.

Telvent’s Advanced Software Applications System (ASAS) will be integrated with CLH’s existing “Dispatching” system, which was also originally supplied by Telvent. The new system will provide increased availability and reliability in the unlikely event of an emergency situation, given that it will be installed in both the main operations center and the backup operations center, enabling enhanced security and monitoring of the entire pipeline network.

ASAS, the suite of advanced applications allows real-time monitoring and control of the product batches that CLH distributes in Spain through its network, increasing the efficiency of the dispatching and delivery of products to the different storage points. A key advantage of the new system is its ability to significantly reduce the risk of any potential negative ecological impact through the system’s ability to continue normal operations in the event of a leak or loss of product being detected in any section of the network.

Telvent’s advanced applications system provides the projected status of the network for a 72 hour period into the future, which assists in the prevention of possible network overloading as well as providing forecasting of product availability at the various network storage points. Additional enhancements for analyzing and enhancing operations are also included, such as the energy-economic analysis of the pumping stations which enables energy consumption and operating costs to be minimized. In addition, the new system is equipped with a training system that enables the carrying out of simulations, providing the capability to increase the knowledge level and adaptability of the system operators.

According to Manuel Sánchez Ortega, chairman of Telvent, “thanks to Telvent’s contribution, CLH will continue to be one of the most technologically advanced hydrocarbon logistics companies in the industry with respect to managing its main asset: refined products. This contract consolidates Telvent’s leading position in the real-time Information Technology sector and, in particular, in the Energy, Traffic, Transport, and Environment sectors”.

Telvent (NASDAQ-TLVT), the RealTime global IT Company, specializes in high value-added solutions in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport, and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America and China. (

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