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Telvent will join in the European Galileo Project

February 17, 2005

Madrid, February 17, 2004- Telvent (NASDAQ TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company will participate in the European Galileo Project as partnership in the Consortium Eurely. This project is the first-ever global satellite-navigation system, designed for civilian needs, that will send precise data to drivers, sailors, mobile phone and computer users, allowing them to find their exact locations on the surface of the planet.

Eurely Consortium, is short-listed by Galileo Joint Undertaking, a venture formed by the European Union and the European Space Agency, to lead the programme during its early phases. Eurely it is formed by the French company, Alcatel and the Italian company, Finmeccanica and has recently been joined by the Spanish companies, AENA and Hispasat.

Telvent is going to contribute in this project in areas of its competence that are of satellite red application; related to Public Regulated Services (PRS) for Public Administration, or emergency systems. Also, Telvent will contribute to road transport applications based on Open Services (OS) and Commercial Services (CS) and automatic toll ticketing system for highways and others infrastructures.

According to Manual Sánchez Ortega, president of Telvent, “Telvent outstanding skills and contribution are expected to bring significant benefit to Eurely and the success of Galileo Concessions and Galileo applications, and further reinforce the Eurely partnership on the ambitious programme”.

The Consortium in which Telvent is involved, have unrivalled experience in large space infrastructure and concessions of a commercial and an international nature. Eurely has a unique vision and strategy for the institutional needs and aims to exploit the numerous synergies with the most attractive mobile telecom and transport markets.

Galileo project arose as a necessary alternative to American system GPS (Global Position System). This navigation system consists of a constellation of thirty satellites that provide global coverage, which move around the Earth to a distance of 24.000 kilometres. It will serve both institutional needs and commercial expectations in terms of positioning and precise and dependable time. According to last information of ESA, Galileo should be fully operational in 2009.

Telvent (NASDAQ TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, is specialised in high value- added solutions for four specific sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in Europe, North America, Latin America and China (

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