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Telvent ended the year 2004 with a significant China-based contract portfolio amounting to more than 48 million euros

February 3, 2005

Madrid, 3 February, 2005 - Telvent, the Global RealTime IT Company, ended the year 2004 with a significant China-based contract portfolio amounting to more than 48 million euros. Within the last few years, China has become one of the most sought-after markets worldwide and a prime location for Telvent in that part of the world. Using China as a base of operations, Telvent has expanded throughout southeast Asia into countries such as Thailand, Malasya, Indonesia and, more recently, Vietnam.

Recently awarded projects that are being developed by Telvent play an important role in the development and modernization of Chinese traffic, transport and energy infrastructures.

In the traffic sector, systems for the control of the highway network in the Beijing province are being implemented in preparation for the Olympic Games in 2008. The development of this project involves the upgrading and modernization of the current infrastructure for the monitoring, control, communications and toll systems on the Pekin-Shijazhuang, Pekin-Tianjin-Tanggu (port), Pekin airport, Badaling and Pekin-Shenyang highways.

Moreover, during 2005, Traffic Centralization system technology will be implemented for the town of Urumqi in the autonomous region of Xinjiang, as well as the town of Erdos, the third most economically significant town in the Autonomous region of Mongolia. Traffic centralization programs will also be implemented in Fushun, Liaoning province, and in the town of Inxiang, province of Henan. In addition, the second belt-road of Guangzhou and the City of Nanning will be enlarged.

In the traffic sector, Telvent is developing the communications and ticketing systems (access to stations control) for the new Underground System lines of Tianjin as well as the Light Train communications system in that same city. For the automatic ticketing system, Telvent will use the “Mobifast” system, an industry leading solution developed through Telvent’s extensive R&D program.

According to Manuel Sánchez, president of Telvent, "China’s importance for our company has grown over the course of time, and we have no doubt that this trend will continue in the future. From the moment we entered this market, we knew that our objective was a longterm one, and we have worked non-stop until we have achieved an organization in China that combines local culture and Telvent’s management model. Telvent is committed to China.”

Telvent’s China office employs more than 40 people, most of whom are are Chinese citizens. Included in the list of Telvent’s clients for this important geographic market are the major companies dedicated to the communications control and management technology sector the urban and railway traffic sector, and the electric power supply and hydrocarbon transport sectors.

In terms of Telvent’s activity in the Energy sector in 2004, the significant projects include the installation of the Control Centre for the Zhongxian-Wuhan gas pipeline, and the infrastructure upgrades for the following three projects: the SCADA system for the Tie-Da Oil oil pipeline, the Lu-Wan Product Oil Pipeline SCADA System, and the SCADA system for data collection, supervision and control of the gas pipeline for the city of Chongqing.

Telvent (Nasdaq TLVT), the Global RealTime IT Company, specializes in high added-value solutions in four specific industries: Energy, Traffic, Transport and the Environment, in Europe, North America, Latin America and China. (

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