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The President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, and the Mayor of Almeria visit the Almeria Seawater Desalination Plant

November 24, 2004

Almeria, November 24th, 2004 -. Manuel Chaves González, President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, and Luis Rogelio Rodríguez Comendador, Mayor of Almeria, have visited today the Almeria Seawater Desalination Plant where have been accompanied by representatives from Befesa Medio Ambiente, Abengoa’s leading Environmental Services Company and Pridesa.

On a project that has required an outlay of more than forty million euro, Befesa has, in a Joint Venture with Pridesa, executed the process design, engineering, construction and equipment supply and installation for Almeria Desalination Plant. The facility, which will supply 250,000 inhabitants a day with a production capacity of 50,000 cubic meters of water, will be operated for fifteen years and will definitively guarantee water supply for the city of Almeria and put an end to restrictions on consumption in the summer season.

During their tour of the facilities, Manuel Chaves and Luis Rogelio Rodríguez were accompanied by Javier Molina Montes, Chairman of Befesa, José Marañón, the Joint Venture manager, and Luis Castilla, general manager of Pridesa. Upon completion of the tour, the 5th National Congress of the Spanish Desalination and Reutilization Association (AEDYR) was inaugurated.

In the words of Javier Molina, Befesa’s Chairman, “Befesa, one of the leading companies on the national Desalination market, and a reference on the international market, is specialized in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of large environmental facilities in the desalination sector, an activity it has been developing for more than twenty years now, with an installed capacity in Spain of more than 400,000 cubic meters a day, sufficient to supply a population of two million. Moreover, during the last five years, Befesa has participated in the SWDPs (Seawater Desalination Plants) of Almeria, Cartagena, Carboneras, and the Atabal BWDP (Brackish Water Desalination Plant), in Spain, and the Skikda and Oran Desalination Plants, in Algeria, employing state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis technology”.

Pridesa, a leading desalination company with more than 50 references for projects executed in the sector, belongs to the RWE Group and also carries out activities in the conventional treatment sectors: drinking water, urban and industrial wastewater treatment and reutilization, and sludge treatment. Throughout its 30-year existence, Pridesa has constructed a total of 205 facilities, including drinking water, wastewater and desalination plants, with an overall flow capacity of 4,800,000 cubic meters a day. Its activity also extends to the operation of plants and provision of services and it is currently managing 60 contracts throughout the country. It has permanent branch offices set up in Portugal, Italy and the United States.

Befesa, Abengoa’s Environmental Services subsidiary, is listed on the Stock Exchange and closed the 2003 financial year with share capital in excess of 355 million euro. Its sales were 365.5 million euro and profit was 8.4 million euro. Moreover, it managed a total of 1,230,000 metric tons of industrial waste in 2003. (

Abengoa, an industrial and technology company listed on the Stock Exchange with share capital in excess of 500 million euro (31/12/2003), provides solutions for Sustainable Development, the Information and knowledge Society, and the Creation of Infrastructures. It currently operates in four large sectors: Bioenergy, where it is the second largest producer of bioethanol in the world; Environmental Services, where it European leader in segments of the industrial wastes market; Information Technologies, where it is one of the main role players at international level, with operations in Europe, America and Asia; and Industrial Engineering and Construction, where it is leader in Spain and Latin America. (

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