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Abengoa has presented the future Technological Center Palmas Altas

July 6, 2004

  • The act has been presided by the mayor of Seville, Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirín and the president of Abengoa, Javier Benjumea Llorente

Seville, 6th July of 2004.-Abengoa has presented this morning in the Hospital de los Venerables, headquarter of the Foundation Focus-Abengoa, the future Technological Center Palmas Altas. The act has been presided by the mayor of Seville, Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirín and the president of Abengoa, Javier Benjumea Llorente.

Abengoa's future Technological Center in Seville, which will headquarter the activity of all the companies that the group possesses in Seville. With the generation of employment estimated, in January, 2007 about 1.100 persons will work. To full occupation, the center will shelter approximately approximately 1.400 professionals, of whom more than 50 per cent they will be top graduates.

Para Manuel Sánchez Ortega, presidente de Telvent filial de Tecnologías de la información de Abengoa, "con este proyecto afianzamos nuestra creencia en una empresa innovadora en un contexto de cambio y en un entorno competitivo como instrumento eficaz y necesario en el camino hacia una sociedad que garantice el Desarrollo Sostenible".

The new center will be a modern installation that will be located in a place at the area named Palmas Altas, with 42.000 square meters of soil and with a maximum roof of 50.000 square meters. The concentration of the different technological activities, located nowadays in different zones of the city of Seville, in the only center will allow to face, on the one hand, the deficit that has generated the growth of the business during the last years and, on the other, to have enough space to absorb the predictable positive evolution of next years. Likewise, one will finish with the dysfunctions that concern many of the activities for the current location and for its dispersion and the putting will facilitate in value of the potential synergies among the above mentioned activities, that the current location prevents.

The concentration in an unique building of the different technological and industrial activities has a few clear aims like, for example, promote the innovation policy from the unique technology center, a building where the technological activity is concentrate in order to obtain scale economies, to favour the knowledge exchange among the different technological areas, to improve the adequacy of the spaces for the activity moved and of the future projects, to promote the intensive use of local resources and to simplify the communication with the Universities, beside improving the costs of maintenance and exploitation.

The activities that will move are those of energy, environment, traffic and transport, public administration and health, telecommunications and industry's services. All these activities are characterized by the innovation and engineering and many of them by its high added value, since it fits to technologies of forefront; the most important ones to be hosted in this center are the electronic ones, the information technology ones, those of telecommunications, the electricity, the mechanics, those of solar power and those of fuel cells.

In the energy area the following services will move: lines and substations, control systems, hydrogen cells, solar power, desalation and cells fuels. In the area of environment the meteorology services and environmental control. In the area of traffic and transport the services of urban and interurban traffic and management port systems. In the area of public administration and health the services will move of eAdministration, hospitals and singular buildings and hospital's management systems. In the area of telecommunications the services of communications networks and mobile networks. Finally, in the area of industry services there will move the services of infrastructure and facilities, integral management of human resources, outsourcing and hosting.

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