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The Focus-Abengoa Foundation holds its award ceremony for the Focus-Abengoa Prizes 2003

June 7, 2004

Seville, 7 June 2004.- The Focus-Abengoa Foundation held its award ceremony for the Focus-Abengoa Prizes 2003 today at the Hospital de los Venerables, its headquarters building. This year the prize giving was presided over by D. Juan Marset, "Delegado de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla", and the presidents of the Foundation.

This social action project, in progress since 1982, pursues the Foundation's objectives of promoting study, sponsoring research and acknowledging achievements made in these fields over the year by candidates of different ages from Spain and abroad and Abengoa employees and family members.

For Anabel Morillo, general manager of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, "the award ceremony brings to a close a cycle of work, which is enormously significant and rewarding for the prize winners, Abengoa employees, their family members and the Foundation itself, and which is all part of the social action policy implemented by Abengoa in the conviction that the company must work together with different sectors of the population to build and sustain a comfortable society based on solidarity".

The awards presented at the ceremony include prizes for the successful completion of studies, research grants, prizes for results achieved in professional upgrading training programmes and courses, the prize for the best doctoral thesis on a subject related to Seville and the Focus-Abengoa Prize for Painting 2003.

In the Focus-Abengoa Prize for Painting 2003, acclaimed as one of the leading European and Latin American awards in the art world, the first prize of 24,000 euro went to Akihito Asano for his painting Doble Reflexión (Double reflection). Special mentions, with a cash prize of 6,000 euro each, were awarded to Patricio Hidalgo Morán for Bodegón de la pintura (Still life of painting gear) and Tato Moreno Gutiérrez for Abismo II (Abysm II).

The prize for the best doctoral thesis on a subject related to Seville submitted in the academic year 2002-2003, consisting of 3,000 euro and publication of the winning thesis, was awarded to Ana María Bravo Bernal for her work El Sagrario, un problema y su historia. Estudio arquitectónico y documental de la Capilla del Sagrario de la Catedral de Sevilla (The Sagrario Chapel, a problem and its history. Architectural and documentary study of the Sagrario Chapel of the Cathedral of Seville).

The Foundation awarded 148,000 euro in the form of 1,209 study grants for different levels of education distributed among 685 families in Spain and Latin America. A further 8,550 euro was awarded in prizes for the successful completion of studies, research grants and other prizes for professional upgrading training.

The prizes for the successful completion of studies went to Fernando Laviana Martínez and Ángela Rey-Baltar Galíndez in the secondary-education category; to Ignacio de los Reyes Tomás and Silvia Tineo Carrión in the Bachillerato category; to Adán Javier Fraga in the category of intermediate-level vocational training; to Cristina García Rodríguez and Rocío Sierra Muñoz in the category of advanced-level vocational training; to Beatriz Ruiz Antúnez and Alessandra de Cássia Bernardino Ferreira in the category of university and college graduates with three-year degrees; and to Olga García Morilla in the category of university graduates with degrees of five years or more.

The research grant was awarded to María Elena Vázquez for her work entitled Estudio matemático e informático de la acción de la topoisomerasa de tipo II (Mathematical and computer study of type II topoisomerase action), which she is carrying out at the Mathematics Department of the University of California in Berkeley, United States.

Lastly, prizes for results achieved in professional upgrading training programmes and courses organised or promoted by Abengoa and its subsidiaries were awarded to Manuel José Pérez Moreno and Manuel Ignacio Fernández Valdés.

Abengoa's unfailing commitment to sustainable development and the principles it embraces involves maintaining and increasing natural capital, social capital and the capacity of the global economy to generate wealth and distribute it fairly. This social action is channelled through the Focus-Abengoa Foundation, which was created in 1982 with the primary objective of contributing to the preservation, dissemination and development of Seville's historical and cultural heritage and its diffusion in Latin America.

The Foundation has progressively expanded its activities in tireless pursuit of its foundational objective, the promotion of culture in its many artistic and scientific forms. Proof of its efforts in this area are the educational initiatives undertaken by the Foundation, such as the Focus-Abengoa Work Placement Programme, the agreements made with various Spanish and foreign universities, the Javier Benjumea Chair of Economic and Business Ethics with the Pontifical University of Comillas and the Javier Benjumea Research Award with the University of Seville.

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