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Telvent acquires the 100 per cent of ICX for 1,6 millones de euros

May 21, 2004

Madrid, 21 de mayo 2004 - Telvent, the Global RealTime IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, has acquired 100 per cent of the shares of the ICX Systems company in an operation formalised today in the Institute of Promotion of Andalusia (IFA).

ICX Systems is a specialist in the development of products of information management in the sanitary sector and centres its activity basically on Andalusia, Madrid and Canaries. ICX contributes with its clients consisting base of 141 centers of mental health of the Andalusian Service of Health, 18 hospitals of the Andalusian Service of Health and 11 San Juan de Dios's Hospitals. Andalusia is the autonomous community of reference in this sector, so much for its population, of almost 8 million inhabitants, as for the special political sensibility in technologies of Information of the health, which the first national exponent has done of this community with European recognition.

For Manuel Sánchez Ortega, Telvent's Chief Executive Officer, "this acquisition contributes to Telvent a product suite among those who are HIS applications for Hospitalary management in the areas of Welfare and Clinical Management: MEDICX and ACTICX; for the Economic Management (CASICX, LOGISTICX) ". " In addition - he adds-, there join products of Mental Health, as SISMA, and for the nursing services, Movicare, which manages the taken care of Nursing and Paramedical Activities, Hourly Plans of Work and Graph of Constants, Discharge's Report, by means of the managing of Mobile Terminals". In this area, Telvent was having owntechnology, but it was applying it into other sectors of activity.

One of the most important factors of this acquisition is the consolidation of the human equipment of the Division of Health of Telvent, thanks to the incorporation of more than 40 professionals of Information Technologies specialised in solutions of software for hospitals.

Nowadays, the information technologies are increasingly present in the public and private health. The need to improve the services of sanitary planning and the hospitalary resources in order to reduce the waiting-lists have made necessary the integration of the new technologies in the above mentioned sector.

Telvent's vision is focalized in the development of a global offer of systems and hospitalary services, which allow the management of the information at welfare level, primary care, departmental care (radiology, Unit of Intensive care UCI...) and logistics (human resources, economic resources, administrative, etc ...), integrated with global systems of management and control, not habitual in this sector, but necessary to give efficient and quality service and to make possible to reach the clinical integral history of the patient. All this accompanied of a service of diagnosis, control and treatment distantly by means of devices and systems that do of the teleassistance a reality for chronic patients and persons of the third party age.

From its experience in health, Telvent has developed a set of advanced solutions for this sector, which contribute big benefits for the hospitalary organisation, in the management of information associated so much with patients as with resources and that, definitively, allow a more rapid, surer and more consistent data processing.

The key to develop a good clinical attention resides in the continuity between primary and specializing care, which must be the base of any welfare process. ICX has demonstrated in its path to share this vision that is consolidated finally within the second company of Technologies of the Spanish Information.

Telvent, the Global RealTime IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, is specialized in solutions with high added value, in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in the Americas, Spain and China.(

Abengoa, industrial and technology company with worldwide activities, provides solutions for Sustainable Development, the Information and Knowledge Society and the Creation of Infrastructures. The company has a capitalization of over 500 million euros (31/12/2003) and is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Abengoa operates in four important areas: Bioenergy, where it is the world's second largest bioethanol producer; Environmental Services, where it is European leader in different industrial waste market segments; Information Technologies, where it has achieved global recognition and has operations in Europe, North America and Asia; and Industrial Engineering and Construction, where it is leader in Spain and Latin America. (

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