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Telvent signed a contract with Eletronorte in Brazil

April 5, 2004

Madrid, 5 March, 2004 - Telvent, the Global RealTime IT Company and subsidiary of Abengoa, has signed a contract with the Brazilian company Eletronorte for supplying the Control and Telecommunications System of the electric Transmission Line Coxipó-Jaurú in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

This project is included within the emergency investment plan carried out by the Federal Government of Brazil to boost Brazil?s energetic offer. This plan was approved during the phase of energy rationing to favour the exportation of surplus energy in Mato Grosso to the rest of Brazil.

The project developed by Telvent includes the system of supervision, control and protection and the telecommunications system. Telvent has used updated technology tools to increase efficiency levels, and includes: 8 GHz radio system, optical system, tele-protection system, telephone system, UHF system, management system, corporate network system, VHF system, CCTV system and access control system.

The Coxipó-Jaurú Transmission Line interconnects three Hydro-electrical Power plants, currently in the start-up phase, in the North-West of the State and this line has 366 Km. long, and a double circuit of 230 KV, with fiber optics cable for communications. The interconnection of the Power plants allows obtaining an energetic production superior to the one that would be provided by the sum of the productions of the plants in isolated operation.

According to Manuel Sánchez, Telvent's Chief Executive Officer, "More than 400,000 people benefited when these plants began to operate, generating 2,000 direct jobs during the construction work".

Eletronorte's performance area represents 58 % of the whole national territory, including the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins. The Mato Grosso system forms a part of the biggest system that includes the Southeast, the South and the Center-West of the country. The immense hydrological resources that Brazil arranges, due to the existence of diverse large rivers, made it possible to have a high electrical potential in this area. It is estimated that the hydraulic sources will continue developing an important role in the energy distribution, given the increasing demand of electric power, which will continue at least throughout next decade.

With this contract, "Telvent consolidates its leadership position in Brazil, where it has been established since 1991, with more than twenty relevant projects", adds Sánchez Ortega. Among theses projects: Safety system and control of the electrical system of the south and southeast regions of Rio de Janeiro; System of supervision, protection and digital control for the electrical substations in Maranhão; Distribution control system (DMS) and Automation of the Electrical Distribution Centers of Rio de Janeiro; System of Centrovías's toll, Railcars and Renovías in Sao Paulo; System of control of urban traffic in Belo Horizonte; Automatic ticketing system for Belo Horizonte's light train; Management and control system of Dos Imigrantes - Achieta highway; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, OASyS, for the pipelines of the cities of São Francisco, São Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, OASyS, for the gas pipelines of the cities of Recife and Rio de Janeiro.

Telvent, the Global RealTime IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, is specialized in solutions with high added value, in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in the Americas, Spain and China.(

Abengoa, industrial and technology company with worldwide activities, provides solutions for Sustainable Development, the Information and Knowledge Society and the Creation of Infrastructures. The company has a capitalization of over 500 million euros (31/12/2003) and is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Abengoa operates in four important areas: Bioenergy, where it is the world's second largest bioethanol producer; Environmental Services, where it is European leader in different industrial waste market segments; Information Technologies, where it has achieved global recognition and has operations in Europe, North America and Asia; and Industrial Engineering and Construction, where it is leader in Spain and Latin America. (

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