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Telvent will develop the Business Recovery and Continuity Center for the Andalusian Government

March 16, 2004

Madrid, 16 March 2004- Telvent, the Global Real-Time IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, has been awarded with a multi-annual contract for the Business Recovery and Critical Service Continuity Center of the different Andalusian Government' local ministries.This project is part of the coordination strategy for the IT security policy of the Andalusian Government.

The project will provide with a data center service that will result in a corporate network Node for the Andalusian Government, allowing a higher IT security level, data base backup, applications continuity, disaster recovery and hosting for all the critical existing services in the Government of Andalusia. This project is an initiative resulting from the Second Modernization Plan of Andalusia.

The high number of IT applications in each of the local ministries and autonomous organisms of the Andalusian Administration as well as the heterogeneity of servers, operative systems and storage systems, requires a common contingency center which can be activated, if any of the critical identified services becomes inactive. The solution proposed by Telvent will allow high levels of availability, reliability, scalability and high performance, minimizing the impact in each of the main centers and assuring a future evolution derived from the progressive introduction of Information Technologies in all the areas of the Andalusian Administration.

For the project setting up, Telvent is going to use its high technology data center placed in Seville, which has been developed resulting from an collaboration agreement with Xfera, and constitutes the fifth Telvent's data center in the Iberian Peninsula after those of Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. From this data centers Telvent offers nowadays professional services to more than 200 companies and public institutions, including more than 40 telecommunications operators.

Telvent will create in this data center, independent spaces from the Andalusian Government one, for those public or private corporations that need data recovery and business continuity services, so that the Seville Data Center will be constituted in the reference Interconnection Node of these characteristics in Southern Spain.

This center will allow, in an immediate future, the Internet access in centralized way, resulting in a neutral access node, due to the availability of multiple telecom operators in the same physical space; this characteristic will provide this building with the best connectivity of Southern Spain.

Telvent consolidates with this contract its position in the Andalusian Government, his strategical and traditional customer, since the service will be developed during two years, extendable to other two, which allows Telvent to maintain a sustainable collaboration, with an turn-over estimated of 6 million Euros.

About Telvent

Telvent, the Global RealTime IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, is specializes in solutions with high added value, in the specific industrial sectors of Energy, Traffic, Transport, Environment and Public Administrations in the Americas, Spain and China. With over 40 years experience in industrial supervisory control and business process management systems, Telvent executes projects and provides technical services in the field of mission-critical, real-time control and information management. With the most comprehensive portfolio of outsourcing and consulting services, and employing a technology-neutral philosophy, Telvent manages IT and telecommunications infrastructure for an extensive international client base. (

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