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Befesa obtains authorization to operate as a Non-Hazardous Waste Management Center for the Autonomous Region of Madrid

March 8, 2004

Befesa's Industrial Waste Management business unit has, through its new Ajalvir non-hazardous waste valorization and reuse center, been authorized as a Non-Hazardous Waste Manager for the Autonomous Region of Madrid, by the Department of the Environment of Madrid.

This authorization implies the authorization as a manager of non-hazardous wastes such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and cork, glass, cloth, tires, paper and cardboard by means of temporary storage of the same, their classification, shredding and compacting.

Upon having received the authorization, Befesa Gestión de Residuos Industriales has been inscribed in the Register of Non-Hazardous Waste Managers established under the recently approved Act 5/2003 on Wastes of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, the objective of which is to establish, in accordance with the European Union's legal framework, the basic state legislation and competencies of the Autonomous Region of Madrid, the judicial regime governing the production and management of wastes, encouraging, in the following order, their reduction, reuse, recycling and other forms of valorization, in order to protect the environment and public health.

Javier Molina Befesa's President "this center is the foundation of the not dangerous residues management project that is developing Befesa and that will be one of the future lines of growth of the business, taking advantage of the existing synergies with the present dangerous residues services catalogue".

Befesa closed the last financial year with a share capitalization in excess of 355 million euro. Sales reached 356,5 million euro, and it obtained a profit of 8,4 million euro. Furthermore, the company managed a total of 1,230,000 tons of industrial wastes in 2003.

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