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Telvent awarded PECO Energy Pipeline Management System Contract, in USA

March 4, 2004

Madrid, March 4, 2004 - Telvent, the Global RealTime IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, has been awarded the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system replacement contract for PECO Energy Company. The new system, which is based on Telvent's latest SCADA technology, OASyS DNA, will replace the orginal system, and will monitor, control and manage PECO's entire pipeline network.

The decision to install a new pipeline management system is part of PECO's mandate for optimizing operations in response to a rapidly changing business environment, and for shaping the future development of its gas transportation business. The new installation will replace an existing SCADA Unix based system that was placed into service in 1996, changing to a Microsoft operating platform and will include a suite of applications that are specifically designed to optimize the operations of the PECO's gas pipeline network. (more than of 6,600 miles) The design of the system will also ensure maximum operational efficiency, reliability and security.

Another important system deliverable is the ability to provide open access to information, such that users at all levels in the company can quickly and easily access realtime operational information, facilitating accurate and responsive decision making.

According to Manuel Sánchez, Telvent's Chief Executive Officer, "The new system will allow pipeline management activities to be optimized through the use of sophisticated load forecasting applications, which are integrated into the system interface with various on-line weather service providers, providing critical forecast information. In addition the new system will provide redundancy for all SCADA operations, to ensure high system availability and reliable performance of all critical SCADA monitoring and control functions. Operation of the pipeline network will be managed from PECO Energy's Gas System Control headquarters."

Based in Philadelphia, PECO Energy is an electric and natural gas utility subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC). PECO serves 1.5 million electric and 456,000 natural gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. In addition to its extensive electrical infrastructure, PECO owns and operates a natural gas transmission and distribution network that covers more than of 6600 miles (10,620 kilometers) of territory in the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania, USA. PECO's energy delivery services generated $4.38 billion in revenue for Exelon. PECO is one of the largest employers and most active corporate citizens in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Telvent, the Global RealTime IT company and subsidiary of Abengoa, is specializes in solutions with high added value, in four specific industrial sectors (Energy, Traffic, Transport and Environment) in the Americas, Spain and China. (

Abengoa, an industrial and technology company with worldwide operations, provides solutions for Sustainable Development, the Information and Knowledge Society and the Creation of Infrastructures. The company is capitalized at over 500 million Euros (31/12/2003) and is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. Abengoa operates in four primary areas: Bioenergy, where it is the second largest world-wide producer of bioethanol; Environmental Services, where it is a European leader in various industrial waste market segments; Information Technology, where it has achieved global recognition and has operations in Europe, North America and Asia; and Industrial Engineering and Construction, where it is a leader in Spain and Latin America. (

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