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Hynergreen on the Advisory Board of the EU's Hydrogen Platform

January 21, 2004

Hynergreen, Abengoa's subsidiary dedicated to the development of fuel cells, NTDA Energía and Ciemat (Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology) are now represented on the Advisory Council of the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform, which has recently been launched by the European Commission.

The Platform's main objective is to facilitate and accelerate the development and use of European fuel cell and hydrogen based energy systems which are competitive at world level, to be applied in the transport, stationary and portable sectors. The Platform is managed by a high level Advisory Council.

One of the tasks to be undertaken by the Advisory Council is to promote and consolidate the "vision" of the High Level Group; this fuel cell and hydrogen technologies high level group came into being in October 2002 and completed its work in June 2003, when it drew up the document entitled "Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells: A vision of our future". Furthermore, the Advisory Council must facilitate the efficient and smooth running of the Platform, ensuring its strategic relevance in an overall context in a manner coherent with the European Union's policy.

The Platform will be structured in accordance with a scheme similar to the one here-below:


The president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, presented the constitution of the Platform, last Tuesday, 20th January 2004, and saying "Our objective is to realize a step-by-step shift towards a fully integrated hydrogen economy, based on renewable energy sources, by the middle of the century. To turn this vision into reality, however, Europe needs more research, larger demonstration and deployment projects, and regulations and standards appropriate to the future hydrogen economy. These efforts will be successful only if national and European resources, both public and private, are pulled together in a co-coordinated way. This is why we are launching the European partnership for the hydrogen economy."

The Advisory Council has 35 members, experts in the aforementioned technologies, four of whom are Spanish: Pablo Fernández Ruiz, director of Energy of the European Commission; César Dopazo, general manager of Ciemat; Agustín Escardino, chairman of NTDA, and Javier Brey, general manager of Hynergreen.

Hynergreen Technologies, S.A. was established in 2003 and its objective is to promote the technologies related to hydrogen and fuel cells in Abengoa. It is split into two divisions (R&D and Projects) and focuses mainly on Research and Development, with the following basic objectives:

  • New fuel cell applications employing different technologies. Telecommunications installations, residential and stationary applications, and the transport sector.
  • The development of new fuel cells: reversible, compact and direct.
  • The production of renewable hydrogen, as well as its treatment, purification, storage and use.
  • The integration of renewable energy sources (such as, for example, solar energy or wind power), with the "Hydrogen Vector".

The company's offices are in Seville. It has a test laboratory for fuel cell characterization and advanced hydrogen technologies.

Hynergreen actively participates on the fuel cell standardization technical sub-committee, which is part of Aenor's electricity production standardization technical committee (aen/ctn206/sc105). Within this sub-committee, Hynergreen is attached to working groups 3, 4 and 5, related to stationary applications for fuel cells. It is likewise attached to Cenelec's European Committee BTTF-109-3: "Fuel cell gas appliances" and Technical Committee No. 105 (TC 105) of the International Electrical Committee (IEC), in Working Groups 3 ("Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants: Safety") and 5 ("Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants: Installation").

In spite of only being active for less than a year, Hynergreen has already, during this short period, signed a large number of collaboration agreements and contracts with public research institutions and external technological agents. These are oriented towards the acquisition of technology and focus on establishing alliances with the leading experts at national and international level.


Hynergreen was awarded, at the prestigious Grove Fuel Cell Symposium, held every second year in London, the eighth edition of which took place last September, the prize for the best project presented in the fuel processing category, for the advances the company has made in relation to the use of reactors based on cold plasma technologies, to produce hydrogen from different fuels. The research being carried out is included under the HidroCom Project, oriented towards the use of fuel cells in the telecommunications sector.

One of Hynergreen's engineers involved in the Project accepted the prize on the company's behalf at the Symposium. The Project's Basic Research activities are based on several collaboration agreements signed with the Institute of Materials Science of the Superior Council of Scientific Research, in Seville.

In addition to the aforementioned prize, Hynergreen also presented conference papers during the course of the Congress. These were related to its fields of activity: Research and Development in clean hydrogen production and electricity generation using fuel cells.


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