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Miguel Ángel de la Rosa Acosta wins the 1st "Javier Benjumea Puigcerver" Research Prize

January 19, 2004

Seville, 19th January 2004.- Miguel Ángel de la Rosa Acosta, Doctor of Physics from the University of Seville, has won the 1st "Javier Benjumea Puigcerver" Research Prize for his work entitled "The application of photosynthesis and other photo-biological processes to solve problems of an agricultural and industrial nature".

Miguel Ángel de la Rosa Acosta is a lecturer in the Department of Vegetable Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Seville. Throughout his long career he has directed research projects such as the molecular and engineering study of photosynthetic proteins or the structure-function relationship between metalloproteins. Moreover, he has collaborated on studies made on the structure and function of macro biological molecules: expression and purification of native and recombining proteins, structure solving by RNM, rated structural calculations by molecular dynamics or functional studies by means of rapid kinetics measuring.

During his research career, he has had numerous articles published in specialised magazines and has participated at several congresses throughout the world on photo-biochemistry and bioenergy (Spain, France, Denmark, Slovaquia, Italy, Chile and Australia).

This prize, to be awarded annually, is open to Doctors, licentiates and graduates from the University of Seville, and its aim is to acknowledge applied research work done to solve problems posed by companies and public administrations.

The idea of this prize was put forth by the Social Council of the University of Seville to, in the words of its President, Ana María Ruiz-Tagle, "appraise, express and perpetuate the memory of a renowned member of Sevillian society such as Javier Benjumea Puigcerver". The agreement between the University of Seville and the Focus-Abengoa Foundation was signed in the Central Hall of the university, where Javier Benjumea Puigcerver was invested Doctor Honoris Causa, on 11th January 1999.

The Social Council of the University of Seville is society's participating body in the University and promotes the suiting of university teaching and activities to the needs of the Andalusian society. On the other hand, the Focus-Abengoa Foundation came into being in 1982 as a consequence of the cultural activity initiated by Abengoa in 1972 when the company published the works titled Sevillian Subjects and Iconography of Seville. At the same time, the company created a collection of documents, books and prints on the Kingdom of Seville or by Sevillian authors. This initial cultural activity made Abengoa's senior management realise the importance of revealing itself beyond the restraints of its essential technological functions through an activity that would benefit society as a whole, and thus Fundación Fondo de Cultura de Seville (FOCUS) was established.

The research projects have been assessed taking aspects such as the quality of the work, their scientific-business and social interest, and the usefulness and interest of the research work to the University's socio-economic and business environment.

The activities of the Focus-Abengoa Foundation have been increasing with time, complying unwaveringly with its foundational objective of promoting culture in its diverse artistic and scientific manifestations. The main protagonists in the life of Focus-Abengoa have been education, painting, restoration, and music, followed by seminars, the written word and prints.

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