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Focus-Abengoa Foundation has opened the exhibition of Prize for Painting 2003

December 29, 2003

The Focus-Abengoa Foundation has opened this evening the exhibition of Painting Prize 2003 at The Hospital de los Venerables.

Seville, 29th Decembre 2003. Akihito Asano has come first in the Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize for 2003, for 24,000 euro, with his painting titled Double Reflection

Akihito Asano was born in Aichi-Ken (Japan). This 26-year old artist commenced Art Studies in the Asian country in 1993 and subsequently moved to Barcelona where he continued his studies in the Massana School and the Llotja School, among others. Over recent years, he has won several prizes such as First Prize in the Menarini Pintors Joves 2003 Painting Competition, or First Prize in the IX Cartell del Premio Arts 2001 competition. Moreover, he has participated in several art exhibitions including, among others, those organised in 2001 and 2003 in the headquarters of the Barceló Foundation in Palma de Majorca.

Two consolation prizes, each for 6,000 euro, have also been awarded. The first has gone to Patricio Hidalgo Moran for his work titled Still life painting, which is a tribute to painting through its utensils with a layout that evokes abstraction.

The second consolation prize has been awarded to Tato Moreno Gutierrez for his abstract work suggesting a worthless dramatic landscape titled Abyss II.

The Jury of specialists named for the Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize for 2003, formed by Juan Carrete Parrondo, Modest Cuixart I Tápies, Alfonso E. Perez Sanchez, Manuel Sanchez Arcenegui and presided over by Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo, studied a total of 230 works by artists from Spain, the European Union and Latin America.

After long and arduous deliberation, the Jury selected works for the final, and finally opted to award first prize to the work titled Double Reflection, by Akihito Asano, after considering the meticulousness of the execution and precision of the drawing which surpasses hyper-realism with a magical load inherited from surrealism.

Focus-Abengoa Foundation, whose Painting Prize is now a longstanding tradition, the prestige of which is unanimously acknowledged within Art Circles, will put the twenty works chosen for this year's final on show in an Exhibition to be inaugurated on 29th December, which will be open to the public until 1st February 2004 in Hospital de los Venerables, the Foundation's headquarters.

Focus-Abengoa Foundation came into being in 1982 as a consequence of the cultural activity initiated by Abengoa in 1972 when the company published the works titled Sevillian Subjects and Iconography of Seville. At the same time, the company created a collection of documents, books and prints on the Kingdom of Seville or by Sevillian authors. This initial cultural activity made Abengoa's senior management realise the importance of revealing itself beyond the restraints of its essential technological functions through an activity that would benefit society as a whole, and thus Fundación Fondo de Cultura de Seville (FOCUS) was established.

The activities of the Foundation have been increasing with time, complying unwaveringly with its foundational objective of promoting culture in its diverse artistic and scientific manifestations. The main protagonists in the life of Focus-Abengoa have been education, painting, restoration, and music, followed by seminars, the written word and prints.

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