Solar Area

To be able to anticipate the future trends in the solar market, Abengoa continues to develop R&D and innovation projects with high added value. This commitment allows us to identify new lines of business and to acquire new skills that allows Abengoa to maintain its leadership and globally consolidated brand.

To accomplish this, in the solar area we are especially interested in CSP component optimization and the possibilities of CSP integration into different sectors as heat process or solar fuels.

Different projects were granted to Abengoa by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme due to our demonstrated excellence in the field.

Our focus is not limited to the European funded projects and we also participate in different collaborations with R&D centers, industrial key partners and other interested parties. All with the aim put on improving the reliability of current technologies or to define new strategic lines in solar sectors.

ProjectProgramDescriptionStart date


H2020-LC-SC3-2018-RES-TwoStages  Development of supercritical CO2 turbines as the new most efficient cycle to be installed in solar thermal plants

Selected proposal on 22nd November 2018

In preparation of the consortium agreement

30th April 2019



SUN-to-LIQUID will design, fabricate and experimentally validate a more than 12-fold scale-up of the complete solar fuel production plant and will establish a new milestone in reactor efficiency

January 2016



The main objective of the SOLPART project is to develop, at a pilot scale, a high temperature (800-1,000°C) 24h/day solar process suitable for particle treatment in energy intensive non-metallic minerals’ industries

January 2016

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