The Hydrogen division of the Abengoa Innovation area is dedicated to the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and solutions.

The main technological focus is on the design and development of solutions to produce hydrogen and its use as fuel in order to produce energy in fuel cells. The main working areas are:

  • Hydrogen production plants by electrolysis and reforming hydrocarbons and alcohols.
  • Power generation plants using fuel cells.
  • Hydrogen service stations for refueling vehicles.
  • Energy storage plants by hydrogen through the combination of production, storage and electric generation technologies.
  • Special projects: adaptation of hydrogen technologies and fuel cells for the defense and aerospace sectors.


  • Grasshopper.
  • Procyon.
  • HRS Columns.
  • HRS Torrecuéllar.
  • Newbusfuel.
  • EL30.
  • EL90.
  • H2P.
  • Hydrosol.

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