The Abengoa Aeroespace division has multi-technical skills to design, manufacture and test power distribution systems and monitoring and control electronic systems for aerospace, defence and scientific sectors.

Based in Madrid (Spain), we have in-house design, development, manufacturing and verification capabilities and facilities for our products range:

  • Requirements specification.
  • Architecture design and analysis.
  • Electrical, electronics and thermomechanical detail design.
  • Embedded and application SW specification coding and integration.
  • Harness engineering.
  • Budget and compliance assessment.
  • Manufacturing and integration.
  • Testing.
  • Spacecraft/Launcher/Military vehicle or facility AIT/AIV operation assistance.
  • EGSE (Electrical Ground Support

The main products are

  • Space EGSE and SCOE: Power systems and TM/TC & I/O - Data handling systems (DHS), including the design of dedicated electronics for Interface Modules with the Device Under Test at high integration scale (≈1000 IFs in a 36U rack), dedicated SW applications and EGSE accessories such as external harness, break out boxes, LISNs, etc.
  • Operational Electronic systems for power distribution, monitoring and control for Defence and Scientific applications, Qualified for DefStand and MIL-STD standards with functional, mechanical, thermal tests, Altitude, Rapid depressurization, Salt Corrosion, IP65 and EMC.


  • Space EGSE & SCOE:
    • ExoMars IO Tester for the on-borad computer (RUAG).
    • MTG PCDU UT (Airbus DS).
    • Ariane 5 Sequential electronics UT (Airbus DS).
    • Ariane 6 Centralized Multifunctional Unit UTs (Airbus DS).
    • QUANTUM RX Antenna and GEO-SCAU Unit EGSEs (Airbus DS).
    • Ariane 6 Pyro Functional Unit UTs (Airbus DS).
    • VEGA-C Multifunctional Unit MKII UTs (Airbus DS).
    • VEGA-C Switching Boxes (AVIO).
    • VEGA-C GIM Simulator (Airbus DS).
  • Operational electronic systems for Defense and scientific applications:
    • ALMA Radiotelescope Band-1 and Band-5 electronics (ESO & ASIAA).
    • Power Distribution Unit (PDB) for military vehicles (General Dynamics).
  • R&D activities:
    • RP ‘Loop Heat Pipe Technology for Solar-Dynamic Energy Conversion’ (European Space Agency – ESA).
    • ESA - TRP ‘Environmentally Friendly Hydrogen Production’ (European Space Agency – ESA).
    • ESA – GSP ‘Terrestrial &Space Energy Technology Roadmap Analysis’ (European Space Agency – ESA).
    • ESA – TRP ‘Biodegradable Materials for Launcher Systems’ (European Space Agency – ESA).
    • ICU for CEPHEUS. ‘Experimental Fuel Cell PayLoad’ (CDTI).

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