Energy storage is crucial in the electricity sector as it provides dispatchability to energy generation from renewable sources and stability to the electricity grid.

Thermal storage

Solar thermal technology with thermal storage is offered as a low-cost, dispatchable alternative that complements the energy mix. The energy from the sun captured in the solar field is stored in molten salts during the day to generate energy during the night or in those periods where renewable resources are not available. Its high storage capacity is a competitive advantage compared to other renewable sources.

Abengoa presents an impressive commercial portfolio in thermal energy storage systems, as it has a commercial storage capacity which exceeds 6,000 MWht, with a salt inventory of more than 200,000 tons. In addition, it has more than 4,000 MWht under construction.

Battery storage

Abengoa also designs and builds energy storage plants with batteries capable of providing various network services in a very short response time, which provides more flexibility and security to the electrical system, in addition to providing dispatchability to photovoltaic and wind power plants.

Smart Solar Plant (SSP)

Abengoa offers the Smart Solar Plant (SSP) solution, based on three complementary and synergistic technologies: photovoltaic panels, concentrated solar energy with standard Rankine cycles and energy storage with molten salts (TES) and batteries (BESS).

Photovoltaic energy helps maximize the annual electricity performance and reduces capital and operating costs of the plant. The CSP increases the conversion efficiency of solar energy to electricity throughout the plant and, at the same time, allows the flexibility and dispatch capacity of the base load electric power when combined with TES. Finally, the batteries provide dispatchability to photovoltaic and the possibility of providing regulatory services to the electricity grid.

Main references:


Cerro Dominador

Chile Thermal Storage 4,900 MWht EIG Energy Partners Under construction

Cerro Dominador


Ion-Lithium Batteries

12 MW / 4 MWh EIG Energy Partners Under construction



Ion-Lithium Batteries

1 MW / 2 MWh  Comisión Europea Under construction


United States Thermal Storage 4,470 MWht Atlantica Yield In operation


South Africa Thermal Storage 660 MWht Atlantica Yield In operation


South Africa Thermal Storage 1,500 MWht Abengoa In operation

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