Hydraulic Infrastructure

During its more than 75 years of history, Abengoa has always been at the forefront of hydraulic initiatives, with public and private institutions in the implementation, improvement and exploitation of regulation infrastructures, transport (+40 pumping stations and +1,100 km of large conductions), distribution (+4 M of people served), irrigation (+500,000 ha) and hydroelectric plants (+ 400 MW installed in more than 40 projects of plants construction, improvement and modernization).

Main References:

Hydraulic Infraestructures

Project LengthOther magnitudesClientLocationKind of contractStatus

Nasrullaganj and Maheshwar sewerage system

83 km 10,000 m3/d capacity Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Company (MPUDC) India EPC Under construction

Roorkee sewerage system

18 km  

Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency

India EPC Construction finalized in 2018

Denizli supply and sewerage system

400 km   Deski Turkey EPC Construction finalized in 2016

Ratnapura supply and sewerage system

  Capacity of 13,000 m3/d National Water Supply & Drainage Board Sri Lanka EPC  Construction finalized in 2015

Cunene supply system

10 Km   Ministerio de Energía y Agua Angola EPC Construction finalized in 2014

Tierra Amarilla aqueduct

116 km

Capacity of 17,280 m3/d

Compañía Minera del Pacífico Chile EPC  Construction finalized in 2014

El Boaco supply and sewerage system

  Dam volumen of 260,000 m3 Enacal Nicaragua EPC

Construction finalized in 2013

Arequipa supply system

11 km

Capacity of 130,000 m3/d

Sociedad Minero Cerro Verde Peru EPC Construction finalized in 2012

San Juan del Sur supply and sewerage system

14 km Pumping Power of 400 kW  Enacal Nicaragua EPC Construction finalized in 2011

Ciudad Sandino supply and sewerage system

40 Km  

Unión Europea

Nicaragua EPC Construction finalized in 2009

Jorf Lasfar pumping station

  Capacity of 300,000 m3/d Maroc Phosphore Morocco EPC  Construction finalized in 2008



 Project HectaresClientLocationKind of contractStatus

Agadir – Chtouka Irrigation Network

15,000 The Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable (ONEE) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea Fisheries and Rural Development and the Ministry of Waters and Forests of Morocco Morocco EPC  Under construction

Navarra Canal irrigation area first phase

23,600 Riegos del Canal de Navarra Spain EPC  Construction finalized in 2011

Irrigation Xerta-Sènia. canal improvement

16,500 Regs de Catalunya Spain EPC Construction finalized in 2010


Hydroelectric plants

Project CapacityClientLocationKind of contractStatus

Hydroelectric plant and dam Itoiz

27 MW Canal de Navarra Spain EPC  FConstruction finalized in 2008

Hydroelectric plant Sahechores

20 MW Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero Spain EPC  Construction finalized in 2007

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