Abengoa has a multidisciplinary engineering team, highly qualified and capable of adapting to any environment, specialized in the development of engineering applied to works in the transmission and infrastructure business.

Our great difference lies in the continuous feedback between work and engineering phases, as well as the adaptation of the team to different markets, clients, regulations or construction issues, which is often translated into transfer of Know-How and knowledge between projects

The main engineering activities carried out are:

  • Design of overhead and underground transmission lines.
  • Design of substations of any type (GIS or AIS).
  • Designs of railway electrification systems (catenary and traction substations).
  • Designs of civil works.
  • Design of industrial infraestructure.
  • Design of renewable generation plants: photovoltaic or wind.
  • Design of communication systems.
  • In addition, any type of design associated with previously exposed systems such as: electrical, mechanical, electromagnetic compatibility studies, short circuit studies, RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety) studies, electrical simulations, systems of protection and control, systems of communications, protection and control, energy storage systems, maintenance plans, etc.

Main references:


Vilnius-Klaipeda railway electrification project

Railway catenary and power system Lithuania

Electrification of 730 km of railway lines.

Design of the 2x25 kV catenary and the energy system, including four new traction substations with SFC technology, the adaptation of two existing ones, the connection of all of them to the national electricity grid through 110 kV lines and the expansion of the signaling, communications and control throughout the journey.
Lithuanian Railways (LTGI) Under construction

Greater Western Region and Southern Region Electrification

Catenaries and railway substations United Kingdom GRIP5, GRIP6, GRIP 7 and GRIP 8 of  400/55 kV auto transformation center, Springfield substation and catenary adaptations Network Rail Under construction

Electrification of lines 3 & 6 of Santiago de Chile Metro

Railway substations Chile Detailed engineering of nine traction substations, 60 SAF, Neptune and Lord Cochrane substations, two distribution centers, etc. Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros de Metro de Santiago de Chile 2016-present day

Samad & Sinaw GIS substations and associated transmission lines

GIS substations and electric transmission lines Oman

Design of the 132/33 kV Samad & Sinaw substations; design of 75 km of associated 132 kV transmission lines

Oman Electricity Transmission Company

2016-present day

Herlev Hospital 

Installations Denmark BIM design of the electromechanical installations of the new hospital Nyt Hospital Herlev. Region Hovedstaden 2015-present day

High Speed Train La Robla – Pola de Lena

Communications Spain Development of constructive engineering for the communications of the high speed tunnel La Robla-Pola de Lena. Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias 2014-present day

Metro of Madrid

Communications Spain Construction engineering for different Metro de Madrid projects (communications, access control, anti-intrusion in substations, radiant cable in tunnels, TETRA, etc.) Metro de Madrid 2006-present day

High Speed Train Mecca – Medina

Catenaries and railway substations Saudi Arabia Construction engineering of six 400/2x25 kV substations, five ATFs, 32 ATIs, 900 km of high speed catenary and technical buildings Saudi Railways Organization Completed in 2018

Catenary remodelling between Paris and Bercy. Paris-Marseille line 

Railway catenaries France Detailed engineering for the remodelling of the 1,500 V cc catenary between the Paris and Bercy stretches Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français 2016-2017

Transmission line Faya – Shamkha

Electric transmission lines United Arab Emirates 400/220 kV line engineering from Al Faya to the new 400/220 kV Shamkha Grid Station substation Abu Dhabi Transmission & Deepatch Company  Completed in 2017

Riyadh GIS substation

GIS substations Saudi Arabia Detailed engineering for the construction of new 380/132/13.8 kV GIS substation Saudi Electricity Company  Completed in 2016

Al Dreez substation and associated transmission line

GIS substations and electric transmission lines Oman

Design of the 132/33 kV GIS substation, 2 x 125 MVA, and associated transmission line from Ibri to Al Dreez (24 km)

Oman Electricity Transmission Company

Completed in 2016

Béziers substation

Railway substations France

Detailed engineering of the high voltage park of the 63kV/1.500 V dc substation and associated low voltage works

Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français Completed in 2015

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