Efficient offices

One of Abengoa’s strategic targets is to promote energy efficiency in every of its activities, expanding not only to its projects, but also to its work centers.

In this way, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awards Abengoa with Platinum LEED certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in its singular buildings of Campus Palmas Altas, Seville (Spain).

LEED is a voluntary certification system for sustainable buildings which recognizes best building practices, with the aim of achieving a global improvement in the environmental impact of industry. Among other factors, this certification is based on the development of measures and initiatives that contribute to improving efficiency, alternate energy usage, indoor environmental quality improvement, water consumption efficiency, sustainable development in free spaces or material selection.

Campus Palmas Altas is a group of seven buildings which are the current HQ of Abengoa. The complex was designed by the British architect Richard Rogers, along with his Spanish partners Luis Vidal and Associates. It covers an area of 50 000 m2 and 66% of the energy consumed in the complex is produced in its sites through renewable energy sources. In the same way, it is designed to reduce CO2 emissions reaching 1670 t/year.

These certifications recognize the commitment acquired by Abengoa with the environment and in responsible management, as well as their involvement in the development of measures and initiatives that contribute to improving efficiency in the performance of its activity.

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