Sustainable mobility

Since its creation, Abengoa offers measures to promote the use of a sustainable transport, contributing not only to the displacement improvement, but doing it in harmony with the environment.

Public transport

Campus Palmas Altas can be reached using public transport services offered by Tussam and Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano de Sevilla. Stops are located at los Bermejales, at just 15 minutes’ walk away from Campus Palmas Altas.


The use of bicycles as a regular form of transport has increased in recent years in the city of Seville. More and more people are cycling to work. Abengoa is keen to encourage and help people at Campus Palmas Altas to use this low-cost and healthy form of transport, offering services, such as a bicycle parking area and a locker room.

Pedestrian bridge

Just like the corporate headquarters, the pedestrian bridge was designed by the prestigious architect Richard Rogers and the Spanish architecture firm Vidal y Asociados Arquitectos. It is a large bridge of more than 80 meters length and a height of 3.2 meters that crosses over the SE-30 and connects Campus Palmas Altas with the Los Bermejales district.

The bridge is designed for pedestrians and cyclists to allow them to cross the SE-30 in a safe and sustainable way. It has been designed so that people with reduced mobility can also use it. The bridge is open every day of the year and links with bus connections.

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