Management system

Abengoa integrates the environmental management in its corporate strategy, defining common directives to implement environmental management systems in its activities and projects.

Senior Management has conducted a thorough revision of the environmental management systems, the procedures and resources that have been used, with the aim of optimizing the processes and maximizing their performance, starting by defining a centralized management system adjusted to the aspects required for the environmental control and the establishment of common goals.

With the above, the Company has arranged the mechanisms required to establish a global and homogeneous diagnostic of its environmental behavior in any activity or geographical location, guaranteeing that all legal and contractual requirements, and those of good management practice, are correctly identified and controlled and oriented towards minimizing impacts in the entire lifecycle and promoting the fight against climate change.

The environmental management system, based on the ISO 14001:2015 norm, is externally evaluated. Abengoa counts with a certification of its management systems categorized according to its three main branches: engineering, construction and operation and maintenance.

Almost all works carried out throughout the year have been covered by a system that has been certified externally with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. At present, the external certification covers almost all the activities carried out.

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