Strategic Plan of Sustainability

The Board of Directors approved in February 2019 the Strategic Sustainability Plan (SPS) of Abengoa, established for a period of five years: 2019-2023.

This plan defines the company’s framework and guidelines with a series of actions that can integrate the expectations of stakeholders into the organization’s strategy, identifying concrete goals and designing specific actions that help develop a responsible business fabric to create a sustainable and global development model.

To develop the plan, the company considered the commitments established in the sustainability policy and in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the future challenges or laws that the company must abide by, such as the Equal Remuneration Law, the new Public Procurement Law or the Spanish Strategy for the Circular Economy.

SPS will allow Abengoa to develop its distinguishing activities in an environment of innovation and sustainable development, so it can anticipate to new business challenges associated with sustainability and mitigate the risks inherent to its activity.

Global macro trends have a direct impact on the business and the activity of companies. Therefore, the potential impact of these mega trends on the businesses of Abengoa in the short, medium and long-term were analyzed with all members of the management committee to identify the potential risks and opportunities.

Three main pillars of action were defined with this work:

Global management and responsible governance.

Creation of external value.

Creation of internal value.

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