Health Safety Policy Abengoa

Abengoa updates its occupational health and safety policy

The first and most important thing at Abengoa is people and, therefore, our commitment to the Health and Safety and welfare of all our employees and those who collaborate with us, is top priority. Our goal is Zero Accidents and for this aim we work firmly based on the following principles of our Health and Safety Policy:

1. Integration

Health and Safety at Abengoa is the duty of everybody and it is integrated fully into its strategy, encompassing all activities and decisions, promoting the consultation and participation of employees, and affecting all levels of the Company.

2. Leadership of Management

Management must promote and enhance the culture of prevention in the Organization, and ensure that all of our operations are performed in safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees, by means of adequately planning the activities and by making the necessary resources available for the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks to the Safety and Health of workers

3. Training

A central pillar of our preventive culture is that continuous information and training is provided in the area of Health and Safety to everybody.

4. Continuous Improvement

Our Health and Safety management system is based on the continuous improvement by means of the recurrent measuring, evaluating and reviewing all our activities, operations and workplaces.

5. Legality

All our activities and operations must always be executed in full compliance of applicable legislation in the area of Occupational Health and Safety.

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