Health Safety Abengoa

Abengoa is firmly committed to the prevention and improvement of occupational health and safety, both in its own premises and in the areas where subcontracted activity takes place. That is why all sessions of the Executive Committee and the Steering Committee begin with the area of Health and Safety.

The company’s businesses have health and safety committees that meet regularly to monitor and draw attention to those aspects that may pose risks to workers’ safety, analyse accident rates and implement the necessary measures to achieve the goals set in this matter. These committees are made up of executives managers and ORP managers and almost all of the company’s staff are represented on these committees. The company believes it is critical to eliminate the levels of workplace accidents and integrate OHAS management into the daily activity of the organization. With a goal of zero accidents in all its facilities and projects, the commitment extends to both own staff and subcontracted staff, with all personnel linked to the organization required to adhere to the same levels of responsibility.

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