Performance metrics

"We measure how our activity impacts the environment with the aim of implementing continuous improvements in the processes"

As a global sustainability-driven company, at Abengoa our aim is not only for our products and services to be sustainable, but to achieve sustainability in our processes as well. This requires tools that enable us to measure the actual impact of our activity on the natural, social and economic environment, which helps us to enhance management procedures and set improvement targets based on real and consistent data.

Along these lines, we have developed an Integrated Sustainability Management System that enables us to measure the overall impact of our activities in a complete and reliable manner. This system is made up of the following: the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management System, the Environmental Sustainability Indicator (ESI) System and the Sustainability Management System, which is supported by the aforementioned systems as well as other management systems relevant to sustainability.

The system enables real-time administration of sustainability-related information, rendering reliable and up-to-date consolidated data pertaining to relevant quantitative and qualitative sustainability indicators upon which to base decision-making, thereby minimizing risks and generating opportunities.

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