«We build forward-looking relationships with the communities in which we operate»

In an increasingly more global and interconnected world, the way the company interacts with its surroundings can lead to economic profits or losses, while also triggering positive or negative effects for the players with whom the company interacts. Companies need to maintain stable and beneficial relationships with all the economic and social agents with whom they interact and how they manage the impacts that their activity generates on the environment is essential to be able to maintain their «social license to operate».

Abengoa, as a global company that operates worldwide, is aware that it has a high impact on society and vice versa. For this reason, it assumes its responsibility as an agent of change to contribute to the progress and development of the communities where it operates.

In this regard, Abengoa applies its experience and offers solutions to society and communities addressing water, energy and infrastructure needs.

The increase in the perception of companies’ impact on their environment, coupled with companies’ potential to influence their supply chain and clients’ ability to intervene in corporate decisions, mean that corporate strategy and performance should be considered from the perspective of the connection with the social environment.

For this reason, Abengoa, in its sustainability policy, establishes its commitment to the contribution to progress and defines specific objectives and actions in the Strategic Plan that allow the economic, social and cultural development of communities to be considered. In addition, it works daily to prevent and mitigate any possible negative impact that may arise from its projects, through preventive and corrective measures adapted to each situation.

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